Sunday, October 27, 2013

Still here!

This is the longest hospital stay since we move to California two years ago! 

I think, how in the world did I do weeks, even months in the hospital? 
Truth is, I don't know how we ever survived that long inpatient, and still have a life with other children! 
For most things they say it get easier with time, for hospital stays, I think it gets harder with time!
Tomorrow will be day 10 of this stay. But if you count the last stay and the days inthe  ER, which was every day we were not inpatient. We are going on three weeks at CHOC!! And I still don't have a discharge date or see an end in sight! Tomorrow I'm taking up the Halloween lights we bought for his wheelchair, and instead will hang them in his hospital crib. His costume specially made for him will be worn in a hospital room. It seems like everything for Jax happens in a hospital room! 

And it sucks!!

But we just keep in keeping on!


Becca said...

Ah, Lacey, I'm so, so sorry to hear you and Jax are still at the hospital. Thinking of you both, hoping for health and discharge papers soon!! How's he doing? (((hugs)))