Thursday, October 3, 2013

Moving along!

I seem to be going through a "tired of being a medical mommy" spell! I would love to go a month, even a week with no medical worries! I'm tired of doctors offices. Hospitals, Pharmacies and insurance companies! After opening a 4500 bill for ha IPV machine was when I lost it! I realized that a long as I have my beautiful boy, I'll never have good credit, I'll never be able to buy a house. We'll be throwing money away as long as we live this medical life. And it's just not fair! Our government is acting like two year olds all the while still getting a big salary while everyone else suffers! I'm not all that proud to be an American right now! 

Moving on, we have had a few things happening around here! Jax teacher brought out a tomato chair for him. I've been wanting to get him one for a while, but insurance won't pay for that and a wheelchair because they are both seating! Don't get me started!
He loves to sit up and Arina loves him being up so he can watch movies with her! She is such a great big-little sister! 
She had her 4 year check up and she trumps Jax in weight! A hefty 33lbs. Chunky monkey! We've started her back on Prevacid as she is still refluxing. She spits up on my floor and carpet constantly! She a cleaning companies dream come true! We are excited because she will stay in preschool with her amazing teacher for 2 more years. Since she'll be older I think she'll be able to transition into a regular kindergarten class!
Her hair is getting long again and we are trying some spunky hairdo's!
We're just lovin our babies and enjoying hot having a hospital stay in a while!