Monday, July 29, 2013


We've been home from Utah since Friday. We never did figure out the source of Jax fevers. I'm beginning to wonder if it was just severe intolerance to heat. It would be strange, because he's always had a heat intolerance, but as long as we take frequent breaks he's ok. This time any second we stepped outside he struggled! His saturations also returned to normal once home. So maybe he is not tolerating the altitude after being gone from there so long. In January he didn't have this severe of a drop, but you just never know what to expect from our Jax!

He's currently fighting some stomach bug. At least I hope that's all it is! He's very pale, distended tummy, and pooping a lot. Which is very strange for him because he doesn't poop on his own, ever! We'll just keep a close eye on him! 

Our princess gave us our first heart attack yesterday! The only good thing was it happened at her second home, Disneyland! After the parade she was sitting on Carter's lap in the stroller. Carter let her off his lap, and didn't hold onto her. She was gone! All toddlers can disappear fast. Arina is three times faster than any toddler! I can be holding her hand and she'll be 20 feet away as soon as I let go and before I can grab her again. As soon as we realized she was gone, ray took off to find her. I had carter grab a cast member, and within that minute the entire park was on lock down. If Arina takes off, Disneyland is the best place for her to get lost. She was back in our arms within about 5 minutes. I've heard so many stories of other friends with DS getting lost, as they are known to be runners, and Arina is definitely no different! We will now be taking a leash along with the stroller, and the boys need another lesson that they can NOT let go of her unless she's buckled in her stroller or mommy and daddy have her! We're just grateful it was within the safe walls of Disneyland, and not a neighborhood with busy streets and lots of hazards! Although I think I aged ten years in that five minutes!