Sunday, July 21, 2013

Jax is the boss.

We've been in Utah for a week now. Jax has had control of everything we do from the second we arrived here! As soon as we got in the hotel I noticed his saturations were lower. 

Ok, no biggy, we are at a higher altitude. Although in the past he hasn't needed and oxygen increase when here. This time he definitely did! But I also noticed his heartrate was quite high. I checked his temp and low and behold...a fever. I was concerned as only two days before he had his port placed. I called the surgeon, and he said get to the ER, as it could be a line infection. 
The only downside to a port, is the worry of a line infection with every fever! But I wouldn't trade it for the world! Two seconds is all it takes to access, get blood, and run a dose of antibiotics! They wanted to admit him, but I held my ground saying no. We are close to the hospital, and I know him better than anyone! Boy I'm glad I did, because the fever did not come back the next day, and his cultures were negative!
But the very next day after getting the negative, yet another fever. At times over the last week I've had I turn his oxygen up to 4 times his baseline. 

I had called our old ped, not because Jax was sick, but to see if we could get together while we were here. She had seen he was in the ER. I guess his info still goes to her. I told her what was going on, and she said she would see him! Nothing better! I was so excited! She said, I may not be in the loop on him. I told her, don't worry, you'll always be the one that knows him best! It was so nice to be in our old groove with our partner. It really made me have to remember why we moved, and that the move really was the best thing for him and us. But I will always miss her more than anything!
She tested Jax for everything under the sun. His chest x ray is yucky, but not really worse than his baseline, making her pretty confident it's not respiratory. Everything else so far has also come back negative. He continues to have low sats and fevers. Crazy boy!

We have decided that we are going to keep dual pediatricians! Sounds crazy, and I've never heard anyone doing it. But we will be frequent visitors here in Utah. And Jax medical problems don't take vacations. We are going to send a monthly update to our fabulous ped here, so she's always up to date. And Jax will still be listed as her patient and see her when we are here! I'm so grateful for such a wonderful, caring doctor and friend!
Daddy flies home today, and me and the kids will stay until Thursday, when we will drive home!