Monday, August 5, 2013

It's that time again!

I would say where does summer go? But for us we never really had a summer! At least Carter and I didn't! Carter is in year round school, so he got a measly week off in July, and started right back up with school. I hate year round! I'm a summer person, and need my time off getting the kids up and off to school.

The other kids start school Wednesday. This has been a stressful time as Tanner is starting junior high. If you have a child with special needs school can be such a headache! The school itself has been amazing with Tanner. When we retested him and found that he is falling farther and farther behind his peers, they changed his IEP. He started a special day class, which is completely separate from a typical classroom. The good thing about that is now that he's starting junior high, he gets more services there. But I had to make the decision to send him or hold him back. I wanted to hold him back. He has a late birthday, and I could have held him back in kindergarten. But by the time I realized I had that option, it was too late. The autism school had filled his spot, so he had to move on to kindergarten.
I took him to the school and walked his classes with him. I think he'll do ok once he gets the hang of it. My concern is I haven't heard from the special Ed people at this school at all yet. Do they just expect me to drop an autistic child off at school and say, have at it?? This is why I wanted to hold him back. The secretary did tell me that staff would be in the halls the first couple days to help kids if they had problems finding a class. But I'm still not sure I'm ok letting him go without someone walking him to his classes the first couple days. 
Am I being a worry wart? Am I underestimating my child that will probably do fine? 
But if you knew the way an autistic child will NOT go back to a place that was terrifying and scary, you'd want that first day to be perfect too!