Monday, April 29, 2013

A handicap accessible vehicle for Jax!

If you remember a couple weeks ago I told you about a contest where the top 3 winners get a handicap accessible vehicle. I haven't posted about it again because about a week after we entered, I found out that the person in first place had over 34,000 votes! We had just over 1,000! I knew then that there was no way would be able to catch up to that person, so I ditched the contest and started researching ways we can purchase a van for Jax.
We went to our local dealer, and they are wonderful! They are actually a DME company so they are also helping us get Jax his specialized wheelchair that will fit his multiple needs. With this wheelchair we are going to need an accessible van. More than likely his chair will not fit in the back of my van. My van cannot be converted to the kind of wheelchair van we need that will still seat all of our family. Its actually more money to do the complicated conversion that the van is worth! I was actually excited to see that there are in fact vans that are not the super big ones, but will still seat all of our kids! Here is a picture of the van we need for Jax.

In this van Jax will slide right up between the two middle seats, and two seats in the back fold down, allowing all 7 of us to ride in the car!

We are doing a bunch of fundraisers to help us buy this vehicle. I'm still working out how much it will cost. I'm going to trade my van in, and I'm still looking to see if Jax insurance or the Regional Center will help with any of the cost. These vans start at 40,000, so they are a chuck of change! Hopefully with all these together, we can buy Jax van!
One friend is donating all of her profits from jewelry sales to Jax van fund. Click here to see the catalog. Write down the item numbers for what you want to purchase, and then go here, to her facebook page and message her your order! That way it will be known that this order is for Jax van!

The other fundraiser right now is some fabulous fitness wraps! The profits from each wrap also goes to Jax van! Click here to see that fundraiser!

We have a few other fun fundraisers coming up! We are going to have an online tupperware party, loving that one! Our dear friend Cammie is also going to do a 31 fundraiser. 31 is totes and purses and other fun things you can have personalized! We are also going to be doing an auction. If you have anything you would like to donate, please email me at
Here is Jax donation page where you will pay for auction items and other things for fundraisers. You can also make a cash donation if you wish to just do that.
We will get Jax his van he needs! I know we can do it, with the help of all of our great friends!


Colleen said...

We are looking into options too for a van. These are great ideas!

Melanie L said...

If you know anyone who sells Pampered Chef or Tastefully Simple, maybe that would be another way to raise funds. I'll check into the sites you've mentioned so far.

Kimberley said...

That is fantasic that you are looking into other ways to get your van however I was looking at the t+c's for the competition and the top 5% (votes) are placed into the next level of the competition. I am pretty certain that your jax will be in the top 5% at least. After that they have judges who choose the 3 winners. This way it is not just a popularity contest. Maybe if you added a little more information about jaxson and ariana and your beautiful family, they would be inspired and choose Jaxson? It is worth keeping all avenues open :) wishing you the best always

Lindsay Marie said...

Are you still fundraising for the van? Is there anything I can do to help you raise money?

Active All said...

That is very noble of your friend who is helping you with the funds. You can also get more variety of mobility products for handicapped at reasonable prices at Active For All.