Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Is it a cruel life?

Tanner and Carter play with these boys that live down the street. They are identical twins, and to this day I can't tell you which one is which!
Usually the kids are outside, we have a park just around the corner, or they play basketball, or just enjoy being in the California sunshine. The other day they came in the house to try one of Tanner's new videogames, and they played inside for a while. About an hour later, they were outside when I walked out with some trash. Tanner said to me, "does Jax have a cruel life?"

That question made me stop in my tracks. Whatever would make Tanner ask that question? Apparently the twins were asking why Jax has all of his tubes, and Tanner was telling them about his frequent hospital trips, etc. One of the boys said, oh he has a cruel life.

Is it cruel to be poked and prodded all the time? To have frequent surgeries and hospital stays? I'm not sure if cruel is the word I would use, but yes, its not fun.
Does Jax have a cruel life? To me that would be a big fat no! Jax doesn't understand that he can't eat good food. He doesn't understand that he should be able to walk, or even sit up. He only knows the life he lives, no different, and his smiles tell a big story.
Jax very rarely cries. I mean never! Even being poked for blood doesn't usually lead to tears. He is a very happy go lucky kind of kid. And lets face it, he doesn't have to worry about bills, or bullies, or jobs. He's got a mom and dad and siblings that kiss on him all day long. Not to mention a bunch of fans that would love to do the same.

Would I take some of the medical problems away from Jax? In a heartbeat! But I would never change who he is, he is perfect in every way. And you can look at these pictures and decide for yourself if you think Jax lives a cruel life!


Addie Talley, Photographer said...

so sweet, I love those pics!

Alice Fraggle said...

I've been a lurker here at your blog for a while now, but today I felt like de-lurking. I would NEVER say that Jax has a cruel life! I could, however, see that term applying IF Jax didn't have a family that loves him and was willing to do anything for him! That would be cruel, but, as you said, this is the only life he knows, and he knows it's full of love! :)
I absolutely LOVE his smiles - he wouldn't share those if his life was cruel!

The VW's said...

It's sad when we hear such words. Cuts right to the heart! Yes, our boys have had to go through a lot in their short lives....but they are loved without measure because of who they are! Sometimes I look at Gavin and wish that I didn't have a care in the world, like he does! Our boys have to go through more pain than they should have to, but their purpose in this world is so great! They are loved, they are needed, and they are also blessed! (Although...we are the ones who are truly have them!!!)

Kristin said...

so true! great post

Rochelle said...

Ahh I think he has the perfect life!