Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I honestly didn't even know who this women was! Until this response she made to her use of the "R" word. Her obvious enjoyment in the fact that she made a whole lot of people angry!

I can forgive someone who uses the word once, apologizes, and never uses it again. I mean, no one is perfect. I know I even said it a time or two before I had Jax.
The problem is she sees no problem in using this word. She says nothing is the same as saying the "N" word.
Um, excuse me, its EXACTLY the same thing! You are using it in a hurtful manner that refers to a specific group of people.
I can only hope that we can all shun this ignorant women, and maybe, just maybe, no one will watch her anymore. On whatever it is she's on, because like I said, I don't even know who she is!


Jami said...

Her name is Ann Coulter, and she is the one who needs a special name for the type of person she is. I can't stand any of the things she has said! Check this article out about a letter a 30 year old with Down syndrome wrote to her.,0,1303808.story?track=rss
I rarely comment, but I enjoy reading your blog!
Jami (one of the nurses at PCMC who cared for Jax long ago!)

Becca said...

OMG, she is the biggest, most clueless b***h on the planet. She should be fired, and taught a serious lesson involving community service. It's so hard to make clueless people listen, though. :-(

Me said...

So--under her way of thinking it would be okay to use the "k" word when describing someone who is Jewish, the "ch" word to describe someone who is Asain, and any other cruel, rude word that comes along to our mind? The reality is this--if one looks up the definition of "idiot, moron, crazy, and imbicile"--you will see in the dictionary (the online version) that these terms are now no longer used in the US by medical personnel because they have been deemed offensive. Thus, not that I'm defending using such terms (cause I'm not), when one calls someone an idiot (as I'm sure many of us have), we usually don't think or picture someone with an intellectual disability--as the terminology fell out of medical "fashion" decades ago. But the term "retarded" is STILL a medical term, that is STILL used world wide to describe and diagnose people with disabilities. Thus, when someone uses that word--they are describing a person with that specific medical diagnosis. Those who have cancer would find it offensive if we were constantly saying "well--that's just cancerous"--as they SHOULD find it offensive. Thus--using the term "retarded" to describe someone is specifically using a term that is STILL medically in use today--and refers directly to someone who could be diagnosed with "mental retardation". Any other justification Ann Coulter gives is only to excuse her discriminatory behavior.

Me said...

Sorry--I forgot to sign my name--the last comment was by Mary P.

Heather said...

She is a real treat isn't she?

She makes no apologies and that I find unbelievable.

She is, like I said, in my opinion, a disgusting, vile human being.

and for saying that, I make no apologies either.

The VW's said...

She is so full of herself! Makes me sick! I can't stand when people behave like her! The problem is, she's the type of person who loves attention....and unfortunately her selfish actions are getting herself lots of attention! Albeit, negative attention.....even my boys know that behaving negatively is NOT a good way to get attention!

I would love to sit down with her and introduce her to Gavin someday! I can only hope that her opinions would change if she met some of our beautiful kiddos!