Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Friends, we're falling apart over here at our house right now! This is the first time since we moved to California a year ago, that we've had a nasty bug, and now I think we have two nasty bugs!
Jax has been more gaggy and retchy the last couple weeks. This doesn't necessarily mean he has a bug, I think its just his sensitive gut. When he gets a stomach bug his gut completely shuts down, and we wouldn't be getting food into him at all. He did aspirate during one of his vomiting episodes. Luckily we've been able to handle it from our home hospital because we have meds, oxygen, and the vent!

Carter had a croupy cough about a week ago, that only lasted one day. But since Friday, he's been a wheezy, asthma mess! I tried Jax zopenex with him because he didn't like the jittery feeling he gets from duo neb, especially before a baseball game. I had to take him to the ped because we'd gotten so lax here at sea level, that I was all out of their asthma meds! He has an ear infection, and we are pounding hard with treatments because even after one treatment in her office, he still sounded horrible! Just a reminder that the asthma is going to follow us wherever we go!
Our little princess has also had a croupy, yucky cough and fever since Sunday night. She has an ear infection as well, and although she usually acts fine because she has a high pain tolerance, I can still hear major strider when she breathes! She also came home from school Thursday limping on her left leg. She continues to limp, but the ped doesn't want x rays just yet because he can't feel any obvious problems. She doesn't seem bothered when we push or bend her leg in strange positions, yet she continues to limp. I've wondered about her hips for a while now, because she will limp at random times. But the doc couldn't feel any popping, although I'm not sure that means anything! This is probably another thing I'm going to have to push!

Daddy was up all night last night vomiting, so it seems we have a stomach bug and respiratory bug in our house. Luckily Jax hasn't seemed to get hit yet. But I'm waiting for it to makes its way through the family! I think me and Jax will have to hide in his room with masks on for the next week!

Hopefully we'll be back to our fun times soon!


Alison said...

Oh dear - I hope you're all feeling better soon and that the stomach virus doesn't spread....they are the WORST!

The VW's said...

Get better soon Rugg family! Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Awww man! I hope everyone is on the road to getting well soon!