Friday, November 11, 2011


Q. Very informative, Lacey. :) BTW - are all your littles blonde except for Jax? I always thought Jax has the prettiest eyes, but so do all of your boys AND your princess! Lovely family you have! :)

A. Its so funny, out of my four of my biological kids, two have blonde hair and blue eyes like Ray. Actually, Tanner is the spitting image of Ray, down to the broad shoulders! Mondo and Jaxson have brown hair like me, and brown eyes that change with the color of our clothes. Sometimes green, sometimes even orange. The other funny thing is that my two boys that look like Ray, are the ones that have the horrible asthma and allergies like he does. Mondo and even Jax with his horrible lungs, have no allergies or asthma, like me!

Q. I have only read your November 8th post so I do not know if you have looked into this. But since he is underweight have you had him checked for gluten issues. If he has Celiacs that would definitely effect his autism.

A. That's a great idea! I'm not sure exactly why we haven't had him checked. I've heard a lot about the gluten diet, but just never did it because he is so limited already in what he'll eat, that I didn't want to even try it. We saw a gastro doc when he was little, but he wasn't much help at all. I'll bring it up to our new ped!

Q. I'm curious, only because my sister is a compounding pharmacist. Can you get the prefilled syringes at any pharmacy? Could you get them at a compounding pharmacy and then pay the compounding pharmacy to re-package the med?

A. We did check into that, and the pharmacist wanted to charge me 70 bucks to do it! With all his meds, 70 dollars a month for that just wasn't doable. I would do that one time if I had to. Right now I'm getting in the pre filled, and drawing it out into smaller syringes myself. I'm getting 4 doses out of one syringe! Now that's cost efficient!

Things are finally falling into place, and life is calming down a bit. Let me say thank you to my wonderful trach friends who dropped everything to ship me some supplies so we wouldn't run out. The feeding supplies were no problem, as soon as they got the prescription, they sent it out the next day. It was the dang respiratory supplies and Apria that were such a pain. Apria finally said they couldn't take him, that they didn't have the manpower. Whatever that means. All I need is a delivery every couple weeks of supplies. It actually worked out for the better, because I don't have to deal with them, and I found a company, Lifecare, that will be great. She gave me some D tanks today, and she'll come out Tuesday and do his admission stuff.

We also found a great rental house! It works out perfect because we were looking for month to month, because we plan on buying soon. But no one does month to month. This house has been foreclosed on by HOA. So we will rent it from HOA until the bank forecloses, which could take months with the number of foreclosures in the state. When the bank takes over, they will give us so many days to be out. Fine with me! Cheap rent, and the month to month I was looking for!

Last weekend we went to Knotts Berry farm with our aunt and uncle we're staying with. Arina went on this car ride, were it whips you around the corner. She laughed harder than I've ever seen! I was crying I was laughing so hard at her!! She is such a funny little squirt!!


Anonymous said...

When I see pictures of your family, my heart smiles. Your children are beautiful.

GrumpyJaxMomOf3 said...

I love that life is calming down a little and I definitely love the pictures :)

Heather said...

I had never seen a pic of all the kids together and Mondo DOES look like you!

Oh my, Arina was loving those rides - I can tell by the look on her face. She's gonna be fearless!

Ruby's Mom said...

Oh,my,word! What cute photo's of Arina on that ride!She does look like she's having the best time. She's so pretty.

Jamie said...

Your kids always bring a smile to my face, thank you so much for sharing the pics :)

Junior said...

Lacey those pictures of Arina made my night, love that big smile.

Becca said...

The look on Arina's face on the rides is sooooooo priceless! Oh, gosh, I just love her!

Melissa said...

I love the pictures of Arina on the ride! You can just tell she is having so much fun. :)