Sunday, November 6, 2011

The lottery

I've had this lottery post in my mind for a while. With the problems getting Jax supplies and meds that he needs to survive, I thought it was a good time to do this post.
About a month ago I was watching this show, The lottery changed my life. Its about people who won the lottery and what they did with it. Surprisingly, only a couple stories had people totally blowing their money on mindless things. One actually tragic where a spoiled niece got into drugs and took her own life. So sad!
One that struck me was a doctor, who had a single lottery ticket that was tucked in her white coat, totally forgotten. Of course it was the winning ticket, and this doctor, who already had money, and a nice big home, now had millions more. She bought and even bigger house, and of course lots of lavish cars and other expensive, worldly items. I was thinking, sheesh, why couldn't somebody win the money that could really do good with it?
I know, I know, the lottery is totally random, blah blah blah. But still, you know at night you sometimes think about what you would do if you had unlimited cash.
This is Ray's and my plans:
He wants to start a organization in Arina's name, to help fund adoptions for families that desperately want to adopt, but don't have the outrageous amount of money needed.
We want to start an organization in Jax name, to help families that have a medially fragile child, and are unable to get supplies or equipment needed for them. Do you know it costs 1200 dollars a month to rent Jax vent alone?? And that's a single piece of equipment out of many he uses on a daily basis to live.
Ray desperately wants to build a Give Kids the World for the west coast. It was one of the most amazing parts of our Make a Wish trip, and Disneyland does not have one, only Florida. How great would it be if we could make that happen?
And really, how great if I could have an account for Jax, so that if something is not covered, instead of a complete panic attack, I could just go to the bank and pay it myself?

I have someone extremely close to me, that is struggling big time right now. I wish more than anything that I could have left my house in Utah, and said, move in, its yours for your family, free and clear. A roof over your heads, and some cash in an account, so you never have to worry about food or diapers. The most I can do right now is help with Christmas, so children don't go without anything this year.

Money is not everything, I don't need a big house, and expensive cars. But money does mean a lot with a medically fragile child, unfortunately. Not for the fun stuff, for the survival stuff.
I still don't have Jax tobi, his antibiotic for his trach bugs written a week ago. I asked the pharmacy if I could just pay for a couple days until its pre authorized. He said yes, but its a 6,000 dollar drug. You do the math!
Instead I googled Tobramycin, and got to their website, where they offer their medicine for a 10 dollar co pay. You better believe I'm calling them tomorrow to sign up!
I've done nothing the last few days but argue with Apria. People here in Cali said don't use them, but I needed someone fast. Big mistake! I still don't have Jax supplies, and I'm officially out of trach noses and suction catheters for Jax. My next option, have my child admitted to the hospital because I don't have the supplies to care for him at home. Ridiculous that I should have to go there.
Tomorrow, after I finish screaming at Apria again, and before my search for a new company, I'm going to call a company I've used here for vacations. I don't remember the name, but I have the phone number, and I bet she would loan me some oxygen tanks, and sell me some trach noses. So hopefully I don't have to admit my child to the hospital simply for supplies!

I have already won my own lottery with my beautiful family!

But in my dreams I still can't help thinking how much more I could. Many more orphans would be away from institutions and in a loving family's home.
I have a friend I met back in March, when we came here to drop daddy off. Sweet Megan is single, and adopting beautiful Sophia. She is STILL trying to raise the funds to bring her home. This women has worked tirelessly, and she is not giving up! I think I would have a long time ago! But she knows this is her baby, and it breaks my heart that she is still trying. I want to have a fundraiser for her, but I can't do much until I'm settled in a home of my own, instead of living out of a suitcase. So all I can do for now is make a donation and ask for your help.
Now I know everyone is asking for help with adoptions, I understand that. She has been trying longer than I've ever seen anyone without traveling. I've seen the accounts of other children go to 10,000 in a single day. Consider helping this mommy and daughter find each other, click on her name and make a donation to her account!
What great stuff would you do if you had the money?


Catherine said...

Lacey! I am a long time reader, but first time commenter and I just want to say, your strength and determination to keep your family healthy and happy and to be there for your children is so amazing to see. You are so talented and are such a wise person. Your children are so cute! I love reading your updates! Catherine

Amy said...

I need your adress so I can priority mail you some Hmes that you need and what else? Do not feel bad I have a bunch extrs and will be glad to do it. Don't make me reach through this computer and shake you!!!! ;)

I Just Love You said...

ah, if we had the money. i would sell our house in NC at cost/loss just to be done with it. we'd pay off all of our debt. set up a trust fund for rachel and put money in an account for charlie's college. put money in our retirement account. then we'd take a very long over due vacation. after that, we'd come back and search for a house to buy and purchase a new car that would fit 2 adults, two kids and convertible car seats, 2 dogs and luggage. after that, i would send in tuition to get rachel into the rise school. charlie needs to be on special amino acid formula for a severe milk allergy. does bcbs of AL cover it? no, they don't cover a formula that he needs to be healthy and thrive. does that make any sense??? i don't know how you do it. just dealing with insurance over this has me pulling my hair out.

Kristin said...

I've always said if I were a millionaire I would anonymously fund all those Reece's Rainbow babies!!

Scrappy quilter said...

You do have the best lottery of all...your incredible family and your faith. I sometimes dream of what I'd do if I won a lottery...however I don't purchase tickets so won't ever win. I wonder too why some families have such a hard time raising money and why others can raise it in a heartbeat. I wonder if it's all about the "prizes" they win when they donate. For those who can't or don't have prizes, it seems they are the ones who struggle the most. It's so sad that int'l adoption is so very sad. Hugs

Simply, Sarah said...

Great ideas for an unlimited supply of cash!

I've been following Sophia too, and hope she gets home soon!

The VW's said...

Oh the possibilities! I would love to be able to do so much with an extra windfall of money! It's crazy because I was just thinking about wanting to start an organization for helping to fund adoptions of special needs children! I thought about this Sunday afternoon...and then I read this! We should do it.....with all our spare time and extra money! :)

I pray that Sophia can get home soon!!! I think about this every day!

Jessica said...

And to think of all that blasted money that Kim Kardashian just threw away with that sham 20 million dollar wedding! Think of all the kids she could have helped with just a fraction of that money! Or even the money from her ring! Really wish some of these celebrities weren't so self absorbed and could think beyond their own wants to actually do some good with their money!