Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Before I get to Halloween pictures, I have to say Happy Happy birthday to my little All American boy, Carter!!

He came in to this world so fast, barely waiting for the holiday to be over, and barely waiting for mommy and daddy to even get to the hospital! And the kid hasn't stopped since!
He absolutely loves being a big brother to Arina. Although he is Jax super big brother, he has never been able to do much big brother stuff with Jax like he can with Arina, and she adores him!
Happy Birthday buddy, we love you!

Ok, Halloween.
Halloween didn't start out so well. Sparing you the same ole boring stuff. Basically the time it takes to get new insurance set up is just not fast enough for medially fragile kids. Some of my supplies I'm down to one left! Not a place you ever want to be in with life saving equipment! Today, its coming out, whether we have a policy number or not, I just can't wait any longer.
We finally got Jax cultures back. He is growing two nasty bugs in his trach. We are adding inhaled tobi because the cipro doesn't seem to be killing them both. And surprisingly, his gj tube showed staff. Freaks me out a bit because staff can be nasty if it gets into the bloodstream!

But last night, when we went out trick or treating, I realized that this was the first time Jax has ever gone out with the kids. In Utah, its always been too cold to risk taking him out. Not in Southern California! It reminded me of one of the reasons we moved. Sea level, and getting Jax out of the bitter cold winters that he never handled well. Soon we'll be laughing about how hard it was to get Jax moved, and it will all be a distant memory.

Anyway, without further ado, I bring you Peter Pan and Tinker bell! Trying to get a picture of the two both looking at the camera is nearly impossible!

Add ImageTickle tickle Peter!

Princess Tink. (Notice the hazards of being a new walker on her face!!)

Don't ask me why Tanner has a fireman's hat on with his Star Wars costume. He won't wear the mask because of sensory problems!


Rochelle said...

So glad Jax got to enjoy Halloween out trick or treating with his sibs. Awesome. Happy birthday Carter!

Heather said...

Saw these on FB!! Loved them.

And a very Happy Birthday to Mr. Carter. He and Joe are cut from the same mold, I swear. The 2 of them could get into some mischief in this world together but charm everyone as they go!

Alison said...

Great pics! Happy birthday Carter!

The VW's said...

Happy Birthday Carter!

Love all the pics! Your Peter Pan and Tinkerbell are adorable!!!

Sorry about all the headache you have going on concerning insurance and doctors! Praying this all gets cleared up soon! HUGS!!!

Junior said...

such cute pics. Happy Birthday Carter

Shelly Turpin said...

So cool that your kids got to go together - wonderful!

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday Carter!

Love the costumes too!