Friday, September 23, 2011

Bye bye house

This is my last post from this house. In about 10 minutes the computer is being unplugged and packed away.

I calmed down a bit last night, daddy is home, and things are moving. This morning I thought for sure we'd be able to be out tonight.
Bwahahahah, I don't know what I was thinking. With just me daddy, and the boys, things move very slowly. My nephew is coming over in the morning, and so we should be done by late morning. The buyers said it was ok that we are out tomorrow afternoon, but their realtor told me over and over how much they wanted to hurry in. So I hate to say that they may be moving into a not so spotless house. With only a couple days warning, it doesn't leave me much time!

We have a new plan that has my nerves calmed. Daddy can't miss any work this week, it is quarter end and month end, so he is just crazed! So we are moving everything into a storage unit here. The truck we are using today is free courtesy of the hubbys work! He will fly home Sunday to work this week. At the end of two weeks when he has Friday off again, he will fly here, and we will all drive down. This is great because I don't have to worry about insurance stuff right this second. One thing at a time for this frazzled momma please!
So I'll be here for another two weeks, in a hotel. I'm ok with that. Free cleaning, no utilities, and an indoor pool for the boys works for me!
Jax dental work almost got cancelled again. I can't believe how much people freak out with him. Even people at the childrens hospital are reluctant to work on him. I would think its easier with the trach, because he already has an airway. If they can't get him off the vent, you just leave it on. There is no intubating and extubating him. But they accidently scheduled him for the outpatient childrens hospital clinic. Even though its pediatric docs, they won't do him there because there is no PICU if he needs it. The main hospital had one opening next Friday, so we just need to make sure the dentist can do it that day. Keep your fingers crossed, he needs this done before we leave.
I'll have my laptop, but in case I can't get pictures downloaded, I am putting up some that I was going through last night. I'm putting together a picture album for my ped, and here are some good ones I found!
Carter, Mondo, Tanner

Look at my sweet little Tanner!

Jax first Christmas!


Junior said...

will be praying that everything works out. The pics are adorable.

Zoey's mom, Heather said...

I know this is bittersweet for you my friend and that you are nervous and stressed but look at all you have been through in your young lifetime, especially with Jax and look at the strength with which you have done it all.This will be no different.And imagine all the wondrous things awaiting you here in California. This is what you have been waiting for!!

The pictures of the boys are so darling!!

The VW's said...

Those are the best pictures!

Hope the rest of your move goes well! Glad you have some time to figure things out before you leave the state! Hope the next 2 weeks goes smoothly!


Anonymous said...

Those pictures are great!

I hope the move goes great and you can relax a little bit during the two weeks you're in a hotel.

Thinking of you always!


stephanie said...

Good luck dear friend!! You're almost there! And it will all be so great in Cali once you are settled!!
Love the pics!!

Becca said...

Good luck this morning, Lacey. And here's to an even bigger adventure as you begin to make wonderful new memories in a new house! Thinking of you all today!

Scrappy quilter said...

Praying everything continues to go well. It's not easy leaving the home you love and making changes in your life. I can say though, every move we've made has been for the better. Cute pictures. Hugs

Kristin said...

We're so going to miss you. We have to do lunch before you really leave :) Maybe we should have a last playgroup/lunch.
But all the more reason for a trip to Disneyland next spring ;)

Alison said...

Those pictures are so cute!!

Good luck with the move.

Shelly Turpin said...

Y'all are in my thoughts Lacey!!