Sunday, July 24, 2011

The mommy radar is a dinging!

My mommy/nurse radar is going off like crazy right now. Something is just not right with Jax. I hate when he pulls this. So far his oxygen need is baseline. But his color is horrid. He's white as a ghost, and his lips are either blue, or as white as his face. They are also chapped and dry, something that happens when things are just not right. He's not sleeping well at night, he wakes up at 6 every morning, coughing like crazy! He doesn't usually cough as much on the vent, because the positive pressure keeps his airway open. He's lost weight in his waist and legs, but his face and chest remain the same. His little hips are poking out big time. The bad part is with him it could be so many different things. It could be heart, pulmonary hypertension, or remember he went without his blood thinner for two days in Cali, maybe he threw another clot somewhere. Looks like tomorrow we'll be paying a visit to our ped, and probably getting oodles of bloodwork!
This picture doesn't show how he really looks. What I need to do is put Arina next to him, so you can see the difference. But he's very pale, and its hard to see where his lips start because they are so white.

I think in every post I say we've been so busy, but the busy keeps on going! My house should be listed tomorrow or Tuesday! Finally, it should have been listed months ago, but I'm telling you I smack anyone who says its not hard alone with 5 kids to get it ready! My dilemma still is what to do about a real estate agent. I have a friend that is looking for a bigger house that wants to come look before we list it. Of course it would save us both a boatload of money if she buys it! But I just worry that her house doesn't sell soon, then we both have to wait to close.
And if she doesn't want it, I don't have time to sell it myself, but also can't pay 15,000 to a real estate agent (I also really don't think they do 15,000 in work, honestly!) So we'll see how it all plays out.
This weekend Carter had his last baseball games in Utah. Its sad, but I can't wait for him to be able to play all year in Cali. No snow break there!

Best catcher in the league!

My two sisters are here, one from Oklahoma, and one from California. My one sister has 4 girls, the other, one little girl. So my moms house went from 99% testosterone, to almost all estrogen! Of course Arina is loving little girls to play with. And I love seeing my beautiful nieces!

My oh-so-beautiful Hailey. Those eyelashes and cheeks are just plain yummy!!

Arya, she has a mass in her brain, right behind her eye. It caused seizures, which are controlled for now. And although they are almost positive the mass is not cancer, it may have to come out, which would be brain surgery. So we are hoping the neurosurgeon has some good news!

baby Olivia!

I missed pictures of my little Evie, I'll have to get some tomorrow!

Oh, and our friend Gabe is doing much better. He's off sedation and off the vent. Thanks to everyone's prayers!


Kristin said...

When they cancelled his dental work I wondered if it was divine intervention. (I'm a dork - I know - but if I miss a traffic light I always wonder if I would have been in a car crash if had been at point B 2 minutes earlier had I made the light.) If something is really up (and by this post I think we can all agree it is), maybe the dental work would have been exactly the wrong thing to do right now. He's definitely not looking himself. Hope it's nothing major :)

Junior said...

give Jax hugs from us and tell him to behave, not getting sick. Beautiful pics of your nieces.

Zoey's mom, Heather said...

Loving all the pictures of the girls and not loving the picture of Mr. Jax.I will be saying lots of prayers for him and hoping your mommy radar is wrong.

Sending love and peace as this crazy time begins. hoping it sells quickly and you can begin with all the forward movement her in California.

The work on the iPossible thing has been, I kid you not, almost 3 weeks straight of work.Morning, noon and night. Crazy. Please don't wish that you were on board, you have tons going on. I might have one kid on you but you are hands down, way busier!

stephanie said...

Jax doesn't look good, we put him on our special intentions list at church every week. So his name is always there. Little Stinker!!

And what a boat load of gorgeous nieces you have!!!
And remember you can negotiate commission!!!

Melissa said...

I hope Jax's ped has some answers for you! And the house, I've always thought the commission seemed high too....

Not a Perfect Mom said...

the girls are gorgeous...
and poor Jax..I hope the ped has some idea for you...ugh-like you need any more stress...and like Jax needs to deal with this

Anonymous said...

You don't know me but I read your blog from another one. You should use a real estate agent - I sold my house as owner and lost out on thousands because I did not know how to negotiate properly and did not know that I did not have to do everything the buyers agent said. I also found out after by my own research (not just Internet) that houses sold without agents take 6 to 8 months longer to sell and get about 10% less money - especially in this market. Without an agent you can not price your house correctly nor get it listed where people are looking. They just have to drive by - very limited. Also don't try craigslist - I got 2 people who wanted dates instead of a house. Sorry to ramble but I am not an agent and have nothing to gain but offer my advice

Shannon said...

I came here after reading your comment on.Hollys blog about anonymous comments to learn your trick to unvail them. But now I am praying for your little boy that there is nothing serious going on. I have seen that dusty color in fiona and its usually not a good sign