Friday, November 6, 2009

Someones turning 4 soon!

I put an exciting title to this post so it doesn't seem depressing. Yes Jaxson is turning 4 this month, and my good friend Michelle is helping us plan a great party. As she said, "of course we have to have a party for him, you have so many new friends to celebrate with". That is so true. Since his last birthday we have tons of new friends to help us celebrate my sweet warrior
I am going to send out invitations, if you live close and follow our blog and want to come, or I don't have your address, please email me at so I can get you one sent out. Also this blog kind of works as an invitation. The party will be Friday, November 20th, probably from 5 to 8, an open house, so you can come and go when you can. We'd love to see everybody.

Thinking of Jaxson turning 4 this month is sobering as so much sadness is going on right now with friends. Our dear friend Kristen, who's mom has delivered some blankies to me, is probably relapsing for the 4th time with luekemia. Tell me how this is fair? Also, sweet little Gavin, who I just found through Heather, is winding down his time on earth. And I'm sure you've heard of Noah. Who is dying from neuroblastoma, and his family is celebrating Christmas with him this weekend. All he wants is Christmas cards. So go to his carepage and get the address and send this sweet boy a Christmas card. Really how hard is it? The price of a postage stamp to bring joy to a young boy. I'm going to have the boys make some today and get them in the mail for him.

I've had some family wonder why I draw myself to other people who I know will probably lose their child, and hurt myself for becoming close. How can I not? We have so much in common, and having support is one main thing you need during those hard times, to know you have friends. I feel so blessed to be able to know these sweet children while they are here, either in person or through pictures and words. The loss of our first friend Mckenna, when Jax was a year old was extremely hard, and it really doesn't get any easier. I know how much it means to me to have so much support when things aren't going well with Jax, and God forbid if something was to ever happen to him, I know I have a huge support group that will carry me through.


Evan said...

I am happy for Jax's b-day coming up, but I was reading wanted to send Noah a card. I have a little boy and I am grateful for EVERYDAY I have with him. I also read those blogs that people as "why are you reading" We have a heart and just can't bear someone let alone a parent dealing with such a tramatic experience by themselves. You don't know me but I am like you.. I love ALL kids no matter what. I would like to ask for a favor.. Could you send me Noah's address.. I couldn't get it to come up and I really would like to send him one. I can be reached at Thanks

The VW's said...

How exciting that Jax is turning 4 soon! I so wish that I could come to his party! What an achievement to celebrate!

It is so very hard to get close to these children and their families, especially when they are doing poorly or when they pass away. It's also difficult to get close, but be so far away in distance! The good definitely outweighs the bad though!

These little warriors bring so much to our world! They are the true meaning of love and giving! They inspire me and so do their families! I am so thankful for having met so many through the wonderful world of blogging! Especially you and Jax! Love ya! Hugs!!!

Emily said...

I feel so honored to have gotten to know you guys this year. We will be at Jaxson's party FOR SURE! Our family loves him to pieces. Such a big reason to celebrate! xoxo

Stephanie @ Ralphcrew said...

Hope you have a great turnout for the birthday boy!

We got close with another family in the NICU. Ralph was not doing well at all and their baby seemed to be so much stronger. So, when their baby didn't survive I dealt with a certain amount of survivor's guilt. It was hard for awhile to share his successes and milestones. It just sucks to lose a child.

Kim said...

Hooray for 4th birthdays! I'm sure it will be an awesome party.

So sad to hear about the others. It would be wonderful to have my girls make some cards. Thanks for sharing.

Anderson Family said...

Trying to catch up again! Happy birthday to Carter (a little late)! I love that girl you want to adopt - she is precious and I can see why you would want her.

We would love to come to Jaxson's birthday party - we just love him!!

So sad for all those other kids - it is hard - but there is such a support system in place - we need to be there for them. My friend just emailed and her friend just delivered a little girl with down syndrome (she only weighed three pounds and she is up at PCMC). I am trying to find out more information and would love to talk to her. I told my friend to tell her that there is an amazing support system here and through the blogging community.

So I have got two blankets done - hope to finish the third tonight and then only one more and I will bring them out!! Sorry it is taking me so long!

Stephanie said...

You certainly do, and we are so honored to be among your friends and to celebrate Jaxson's life and his triumphs.
Dealing with all the challenges our kiddos bring really shows the true nature of people. Unfortunately, it showed me how quickly our friends ran when V was born. I never understood that. I know our life has been rough in many ways, but the wonderful gifts his life has brought to us is worth every bit. It's a shame those "friends" will never know that.
As for myself, I plan on enjoying every moment. Happy soon to be birthday little man!!

ScottNLili said...

I know your home will be filled with tonz of people who love your family. Its been very humbling being able to read your blog. Thanks for all your positivity, and the honor of knowing your family through this crazy computer based world. Im sure Jax will have a great time at his party!

Sasha said...

Oh Jaxson you are getting to be a big boy. We will be at the party in spirit! What's his birth date? Wysdom will turn one on the 28th.

I truly believe you have something special to offer these families that are going through such a hard time. You are a gift and you help carry some of their burdens with you. Sending you a hug and strength through all of these hard times. I am always very touched by families that I meet in the hospital who are dealing with such terrible things.

stephanie said...

I find it very hard to post when the is a round of sadness in "blogland".
It knocks the wind out of me for a while. But I wouldn't distance myself now for all the money in the world.
Wish we could come to the party too!
Andrews birthday is the day after Jax's, so we will sing Happy B- day to Jax from RI!!!

mandd3 said...

One of the things that struck me early on in this journey is that these babies are not here for themselves. They are here for us. They are here to allow us to shine. Think of all the good and kind things that people have said or done because of Jaxson, or Kristen, or Noah. Every one of us who mails a Christmas card has a heart that was moved by that child. On judgment day our hearts will be one deed lighter because of a very sick little boy (or girl). We have much to be thankful for, as any one of these precious little ones may be the one that leads Our Savior to judge us worthy. God bless you and your family, and God bless Jaxson for movign my heart.

Kristen's mom said...

You have been so kind. We would love to come to the Birthday Party but as the looks of things I do believe Kristen and I will be tied up. We will send a gift! Thank You so much for your support, it helps so much to know that people care. We can continue to help with blankets, let us know if you get in a bind.

Anonymous said...

Oh you know we will be there! We will be rude and come even if we don't get and invite - how's that :-)
It is so hard to read about all these kids. I feel helpless but if sending one card to a little boy will brighten his day I will send several!
We love us some Jaxson!

Alyson said...

I so wish I lived near you guys!!! I would love to come! :0)

I can't believe little Jaxson is going to be 4.....WOW!!! Such a big boy :0)

Evan turned 7 on Oct 24th and some days I can't believe that I have a 7 year old......SEVEN!!!! WHOA!!! He is such a big boy too.....where did all the time go?

Kristin said...

I hope we can make the party - we already have something on the calendar for that night. Maybe I can stop by for a minute.