Thursday, November 12, 2009

How to give an autistic child a vaccine (not)

How to give an autistic child a vaccine.
1. When he continually asks you if he is getting the mist, play dumb and say we'll just have to wait and see.
2. When he finds out he has to get the shot, and is screaming in the corner, try to lure him back to your lap.
3. When that doesn't work, try to pull him into your lap, while he's screaming bloody murder and his face is turning red.
4. Tell the nurse she is going to have to bring someone else in to help you.
5. When the both of you can't get him on your lap, pull his arm out of his shirt while he's in the corner. Have one nurse hold his arm, you hold his body and head, and the other nurse gives him the shot.
6. Cuddle him and tell him he did great. And as your leaving the office make sure you reassure the people in the waiting room that a child was not just murdered back there.
7. Make sure next time you take his comfort item with you (and daddy)

Well as you can see we got the other boys their H1N1 vaccine last night. Thanks to Julie, who gave us the insight to her sisters clinic that was giving it. I'm finding out its who you know! We had to do it fast, and I didn't get the chance to warn the boys what they were in for. Ray had to go to school, and the clinic closed at 7. So now all the boys have had their first shot, whew.
My poor Tanner, man that boy is strong. He just doesn't understand. And I should have known that it would be nearly impossible for me to do alone with him. But last night when he was supposed to be in bed, he came up to me and said he was sorry. I said for what. He started to cry and said for screaming when getting his shot. I hugged him and told him its not your fault. You were scared. You have nothing to be sorry for. It was so sad to see him so upset.
Autism is such a hard thing, people can't tell by looking at them what they have. Sometimes I wish I had a sign that said, ignore me, I'm autistic. That would be helpful sometimes. And it makes me crazy when people are like, "I would never know he's autistic, are you sure he is?" Ok people, autistic children are not always rocking in the corner. And as he's gotten older his autism comes out in different ways.
But I'm happy to say that this year he has been doing so good in school. He's already moved up one reading level (last year he made no progress) He now reads on a first grade level, which is getting closer to were he is, third grade. He will always have his autistic tendancies, I don't think you can cure autism like some people think. But he can definitely have a normal life.

And he's dang cute too.

Ok, and here's you invite to Jaxsons party. I do have some coming in the mail to you that I have addresses for. There getting out late though. With Jax doctors appointment Tuesday, and then realizing the post office was closed yesterday, there going out today.


Kim Rees said...

Oh my gosh Lacey! So sorry Tanner and you had to go through that. I know what you mean about these vaccines. It's crazy! One would think that the peds office would give priority to those kids who have high risk siblings, but that's not the case. I just found out this morning that our peds office is having an H1N1 clinic this Saturday and it's the inhale kind. I need to take Gwynny if I can. Tanner is such a sweet boy feeling bad for his behavior..ahhh bless his heart! Like you said it was ok and he had a right to be scared. You are right he is dang cute!

Heather said...

Invitations are beautiful.Perfect for your beautiful boy.As for Tanner.. he is just the sweetest.I know that first hand.I hate that he struggles but you know,like your littlest guy,he just fights through the difficulties and makes everybody smile along the way.Love to you all.

Sara said...

Sweet Tanner!! Poor boy. It is hard to see them so out of control, when they can't help it. ((hugs))

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Oops, that Sara post is mine. I was logged in to the wrong account. :)

Alison said...

Sorry to hear it was so traumatic getting the vaccine - at least it is done now (until next time anyway). He sure is cute.

Kristin said...

It took two of us to hold Piper down to get the flu mist! I swear the shot would have been easier. But then she wanted the mist for the H1N1 and did fine. Crazy kid.
Great invitations!

The VW's said...

Poor Tanner! What a sweet boy for apologizing for his behavior!!! Most children would not say sorry for being scared! You have the sweetest boys!

I have 2 boys that are not Autistic and a few years ago they would have acted the same way when getting a shot! It's scary and who really wants a needle put in your arm?! Caleb, our 6 year old, once hid under the chair when the nurse came in to give him his shot and he told the nurse; "You'll never take me alive!" I thought it was too funny, but he sure didn't!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the party invitations! SO CUTE!!! I really wish that we could come! Like you said, "One day!"

Emily said...

Tanner is such a sweetie. Glad you were finally able to get that done.
We are so excited for Jaxson's birthday! You know we'll be there!

Dotty said...

your post touched me so much. Tanner reminds me of my boys, more so with Chance and the high anxiety of doctors and such. Chance is so hard to get to see docs, he just doesnt understand it. autism sux. while were out and the boys do their thing if i feel like people are staring and it bothers me, i tell them to repeat after me and i say "autism sux" and they laugh and say "autism's magic" lol dont ask me where they got that, but at least people hear the word autism a few times.

the invite is soooo cute! love it!:)

Evie's Story said...

Bless your heart!

We did H1N1 this week too, but not nearly as exciting as your visit! Hug those cutie pies!

Tina said...

So sorry your Tanner had to go through that, I have one son Vir, who isn't autistic but believe me he wasn't any different when he got his flu vacinnation the other day, I had to dig him out of the corner of the doctor's room and that too in a stream of tears, and then he kept dodging me and running into the other corner, it was quite an ordeal believe me till he finally got the vaccination!!
The invitation is beautiful, what wonderful party Jax is going to have :) I look forward to the pictures

Deqlan said...

Aw Tanner, i am very proud of you as i know how difficult things like this can be, its also hard for Deqlan -and we understand and wish we could do it for you, but always remember how proud your mom is of you as i am of Deqlan and you know what, she is right, you are VERY cute! God Bless and hugs!

Sasha said...

Sorry to hear about the ordeal but glad to hear you were able to get the vac. Tanner is such a handsome little man. I love the invitations and I look forward to seeing all the fun pics of the birthday. Can you e mail me an address so I can send a card.

The Snells said...

ah Lacey sorry that was so traumatic for Tanner!Hes one strong boy to hold down! He did great though once it was done :)Im so glad you guys were able to drop everything and swing by my clinic! Juli always talks about you and i feel like i know you. I was happy to help!

datri said...

I find that in some ways Down syndrome is easy, Autism is hard.

Baylee and Blair's page said...

OMG... I had to take Baylee last week for BOTH the regular Flu Shot in one leg and the H1N1 in the other leg. It was awful. She hid between both the chairs in the room and I could barely pull her off the floor. The first shot was okay... as I was laying on top of her holding her arms down. The 2nd one wasn't as smooth. And, it bruised as a result.

Hugs - Tiff

Anderson Family said...

Boy that doesn't sound fun for you or Tanner. Kudos on getting all your boys done - we are still on the lookout for a shot for Carter. Not having much luck over here. We got our invitation and it so cute. We plan on coming for sure!!