Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sleep Jaxson sleep

I think I may have jinxed myself when I posted about Jaxson sleeping all night. He hasn't done that since. I don't know what this means, I'm a little worried that even with the trach he is having apnea spells. So I'm wondering if their going to want to vent him at night. I really don't want to do that. I can't fit anymore machines into his room. He will really have to take over the master bedroom then. We go back to ENT on Tuesday, so we'll talk to him then.
Otherwise, he continues to do great. Another thing I've noticed lately is he is putting his fingers in his mouth. He has never done that. He doesn't suck on them or anything, but I think he's figured out that he has a mouth and that he can put his fingers in it. Maybe someday he will reach for toys.

The other night when he fell asleep, he looked so sweet I had to snap some pictures. If only he would stay like this all night.

I'm a little worried that buggies are starting to find their way into our house. We have been healthy for the last few months, but a couple days ago Carter complained of a headache. The next day Tanner had the headache. Then last night Carter came upstairs with a really croupy cough, and horrible stridor. I found a great solution to croup if you have a nebulizer. I put cold water and pieces of ice in the neb, its like cold humidity, which is what they tell you to do for croup. It worked like a charm. He's fine during the day, and no fevers, so I'm hoping its just a simple cold bug. Jax has been coughing too. Its so hard to tell with the trach, but he is coughing a dry cough, with no secretions, but he's had no fever or increased oxygen need so for now we are ok. But I think with the boys back in school we are bound to start seeing stuff. They haven't had much H1N1 at their school thank goodness. The teachers haven't heard of any. That makes me feel better because Jax still hasn't been able to get the vaccine. I'm starting to think this is all a media ploy.
One doctor said to have the boys change their clothes when they get home from school. I told him then he could come do my laundry. I make them wash their hands when they get home, but I was just thinking..if they catch something at school their going to bring it home no matter what so I've stopped being so paranoid.
Keeping my fingers crossed that we stay healthy this winter.


The VW's said...

Such adorable pictures of Jax!!!

I hope that he starts sleeping better for you! A Momma without sleep is a grumpy Momma!

I am paranoid about H1N1 and I make my boys wash their hands all the time.....they are sick of me! I figure they will get sick anyway, but I'm going to fight it as hard as I can!

I hope your family gets and stays healthy! HUGS!!!

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Jaxson, you are SO cute when you are asleep. (Not that you're not cute awake!) I think you should let your Mommy take more sleeping baby pictures, by sleeping all night tonite!

I hate flu season. I think it makes us all crazy just waiting and worrying. I hope we ALL stay healthy!

Junior said...

those pics of Jax are so cute
praying he starts sleeping better for you. Junior is on bipap and still likes to be awake at night.

Becky said...

Adorable sleeping pictures. :)

Rochelle said...

Sweet pics, so sorry he isn't sleeping through the night. Us mommas need our sleep!
I hope he stays healthy.
We have Aidan wash his hands everyday when he gets home from school so to limit the amount of germies coming home for all of us.

Michelle said...

Lacey, you guys are constantly on my mind. I have not forgotten you. I promise to get this stuff out soon. Getting to the post office has just been a chore. He looks awful cute snoozing away!

stephanie said...

I love those pics!!!
I'll pray for your continued luck with no H1N1 in the school. There dropping like fly's out here, it's amazing, it's absolutely everywhere!

Emmie has a doctors appointment tomorrow and I dread taking her in that place.

Kim said...

Jaxson is looking wonderful! His coloration looks really healthy!

We've had the buggies at our house. In fact, I've missed a couple days to a dry hacky cough. Finally went to the doctors and was put on antibotics. Praying the germies stay away from your house!

Cammie Heflin said...

He looks fantastic! I love that we can see his face! I remember the week Addy got off of her oxygen and face started healing up from the Tender Grips, it was so nice to actually see my baby's face! He is precious! I hope the sleep thing gets worked out!

Stephanie said...

He he, you have the same problem as we do. So many kids, too little changes of
Glad to hear everyone's alright so far. I hope we ALL stay that way.

Team Carter Jay said...

Awwww! Little sleepy Jax

Emily said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for healthy children too... It seems that everyone is getting sick. I love his precious sleeping pictures!

Evie's Story said...

What a handsome little boy. Those sleeping shots are priceless!

Tina said...

Jax looks just adorable!!! I love the sleeping photos, so peaceful and calm hard to imagine thats not the true pictures of things right now. Hope Jax stays well, he doesn't need anymore to deal with. Sending prayers always for him.

Stephanie said...

Jaxson is looking so good! :) I can tell you that H1N1 is alive and well here in Illinois (ILL - annoy). Anyway, when we were in the hospital a few weeks ago, it was FULL. There have been several schools shut down here because of it too. Maybe it has to do with the weather out there? Too dry? Hope that everybody stays well.


Steph and Christopher

Kristin said...

H1N1 appts were scheduled for the week at or by calling 743-7280 last Monday at 9am - they were booked up for the week in 15 minutes. But they will be scheduling weekly as more vaccine is available. I also saw the some pharmacies now have it - the phone numbers of the pharmacies (Walgreens, Smiths, Harmons) are on that site as well. Good luck - the seasonal flu shot was at our pediatrician's office. They ran out of H1N1 yesterday or they would have given me one.

Colleen said...

He looks so sweet sleeping. I hope he will start looking like that more often so you can get some much needed zzzz's.

Stephanie @ Ralphcrew said...

I used to make my kids change clothes after school. I even had a sign on the door for visitors to remove shoes and wash hands upon entering!

I'm way more relaxed these days, even with the all swine flu excitement. It has spread all around the world in months despite massive efforts. Do I really think I can stop it at my door?

I hope your family can all get and stay well!

PS-may i put you on my blogroll?