Monday, November 24, 2008

Quick update

We are really busy right now like everyone else is. We are having Thanksgiving at our house this year because we have the most space. Its ok with me because I love having people over. Rays aunt from California is going to be here too and we are super excited to see her.
We are also having a birthday party for Jax this year, we've never had one yet because he doesn't know and he can't eat birthday cake. But we decided this year its time. We need to celebrate that we made it to our 3rd birthday. Its going to be Dec.6 but I don't know a time yet. It will be an open house so people can come and have cake, and no presents needed. My phone number is 801-792-4661 you can call me for my address if you want to come.
Jax is doing good, he is finally gaining a little weight, we are up to 17.13 yeah. He is still on continuous feed which is good and bad. Its good because I don't have to remember to feed him but its a pain because the bag goes with us everywhere and its one more thing to carry. He still has his picc because they are drawing labs every couple of days, I love having it, I wish I could keep it forever. He is going in for a sleep study in acouple of weeks, and he also needs the ABR hearing test done again because he continues to fail it, the've talked about hearing aids but we will wait to see what the ABR says. I don't know when we will do it because no one will sedate him he has to be put under general and to intubate him just for a hearing test may not be worth it because he likes to "suck the plastic" as we call it. Lots of appointments but nothing more than usual, we are used to it
Oh while I'm here, If anyone has any ideas for my autistic son and how to get him to go to school I really need advice, I'm ready to pull my hair out with him, every day it is a fight to go to school. His resource teacher asked about anxiety meds might help, I hate to medicate him because so far we have'nt needed to, but if it helps him I'm willing to try it. I will ask my pediatrician about it today. We hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving, we know we have a lot to be thankful for.