Friday, November 14, 2008

Calcium Craze

So I get a phone call from my pediatricians nurse on Wednsday and she said the labs we had just drawn from him showed that his calcium was 14.6 which is dangerously high. So we had to high tail it to the ER. Of course they admitted him and started fluids to flush the calcium out. But with him being a heart kid they have to watch how much fluid they give him to not stress out his heart. Its a hard balance to keep.

Your probably wondering why his calcium was so high. Well when he came home two weeks ago he came home on hefty doses of calcium and potasium because he was pooping so much. So we've been doing labs to make sure it didn't do that but it happened anyway.

So we were back in the hospital again, its neverending, but his calcium came down and we came home today after only two nights. We can handle that. Plus our anniversary is tommorrow and we had planned to go to a hotel. Plans still on!!