Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Big Boy

We went to see the ENT today. He said there was no fluid in his ears so he sent us upstairs to do the hearing test again, and again he failed. So now they are talking about hearing aids. But they want to do the avr test again (the one they have to put him under for) to see how bad his ears are. He also wants to get a sleep study to see how he does when he is asleep. We've actually never had a sleep study before. Its been talked about but other more pressing issues usually have us more worried.

But my big boy is holding his head up so good. He also does what I would call a smile, its the closest thing since PCMC took his smile away two years ago. I included a video of him holding up his head. Its kind of dark, and ignore the background noise, and the grinding of his teeth. I'm just glad I figured out how to get it on here. And at the very end you will see his version of a smile. Lots of love from Jax


Vickie Lynn said...

I love the video. He's so cute!