Thursday, March 12, 2015

Birth family update!

I feel like I left everyone hanging with our story of finding Arinas birth family. 

Well it was indeed them! 

Her parents were so excited to see pictures and know that she had a family. Her mom says she was so upset, but they couldn't care for a child with special needs. She said she was depressed for a long time and that there's not a day that goes by that they don't think of her. We sent them a bunch of pictures, and we got pictures of her little brother.
Is this not the spitting image of our princess? From the blue eyes to the flat nose!

Her family is sending us a package, and we are getting a package together to send to them, including something special from Disneyland for her little brother! 
We are so excited to have a relationship with them! It's another great way to keep Arinas roots in her life!


Scrappy quilter said...

Wonderful news.

Becca said...

Wow! So cool that you found them!

Jen Paris said...

Love this!