Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Surgery tomorrow

Tomorrow bright and early Jax is having his scopes and biopsies. Plans almost changed a bit, I asked her if she could change his GJ while she was in there. But she doesn't do that, and the hospital doesn't carry the tube in stock, it would have to be ordered in. So her and the surgeon will take a close look at Jax esophagus and intestines. There is a possibility that it will turn into a nissen or a separate J tube. There is so much up in the air going in that its making me a bit nuts!
I just hope these tests show what I already know. Sometimes doctors depend so much on their technology that they miss what's right in front of them! GI told me on the phone today that she wonders if the vomiting is neuro related! Come on, didn't we go through this already? I've been doing this for seven years now. Jax has NEVER vomiting unless his reflux is out of control! We restarted the diet, the seizures got better, and he is still vomiting the same as he has since he blew the nissen!
I will be updating how everything is going on Jax Facebook page,


Kristin said...

Good luck sweet boy! Prayers!

Alison said...

Will be praying xx

The VW's said...

He's so smiley! Love that boy! Praying surgery goes well! Hugs!

Junior said...

praying all goes smoothly. Absolutely love all the smiles, such a happy guy.