Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Chance encounters!

Today started out in utter chaos! The boys were dragging their feet getting ready for school, and missed their bus. Then Arina pooped in the tub, as I'm trying to quickly get her bathed and on her bus, so I could get Jax to a doctors appointment. I was running nonstop! The icing on the cake was when I opened up the back of my car at the doctors office and noticed someone had taken the base of his wheelchair out!

Oh crap!
I was debating on if I should just blow off the doctors appointment (which I knew I couldn't) or go bang my head against a tree a few times! But after a few cuss words  I packed up the suction, oxygen, feeding pump, diaper bag, and a dead weight 7 year old in my two hands and made it in alive!
As I was waiting, a lady walked out with a stroller containing a tiny newborn. She asked if Jax had "Downs". I said he did, and she talked to him for a few minutes. Then the receptionist gave the mom a lab slip for the baby, and I heard the mom ask if the labs were "downs" labs. Of course my ears perked right up! I chimed in that the thyroid she mentioned was a basic DS lab, and asked if it was for the baby. She said yes, that the baby had mosaic DS. I peeked at the perfect baby boy in the stroller. Her chipper attitude quickly changed. She said that they were confused, and were going to the geneticist next week. Then as she was going out the door she said, "it is what it is, thats life!"

Now if I had Jax wheelchair, I would have bolted out the door after this lady! I actually used to have little cards with my info on them for such situations. Of course I didn't have any today. And with Jax in my arms and his equipment on the chair, I was no way able to run after this lady. I wrote all of my info on a piece of paper and asked the receptionist to PLEASE make sure this momma got it! I'm going to be perfectly honest. Seeing Jax may not be what this mom needs right now. Ya he's gorgeous and perfect, but on first glance, he's very scary! I'm sure seeing this 7 year old that couldn't even sit up, with all of his equipment, probably made this mom even more crazy!
I know she was feeling scared, she was probably mourning the loss of her "perfect" baby. I wanted her to know that she's not alone, and that its not the end of the world!

I have thousands of friends, around the world, that have been in her shoes! I want to share my resources, and my knowledge with her! I can only hope that this receptionist gets the info to this momma.
Because sometimes hope is all we have!
And I want this momma to have hope!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lacey, can you educate me? What is the difference between DS and MDS?

kathy brower said...

I LOVE that last picture. Would you tell me where you got those t-shirts? I can't see anything remotely similar quickly searching. Thanks!

The VW's said...

Love those shirts! Sorry about your hectic morning....I hate days like that! Hopefully that lady will contact you and gain some new friends to help her along the way.