Sunday, January 20, 2013

Happy Sunday!

Happy Sunday to everyone! I love it when I don't have to worry about getting the kids up and off to school in the morning. Hmmm, what should we do tomorrow?

Carter has been playing basketball. The kid is a sports nut! He's only played baseball besides one year of soccer when he was teeny. He is going to be the kid in school that is on all of the sports teams! He's never played basketball in his life and he's one of the best on the team. He is just an all around good athlete. I will let him play whatever he wants, with two exceptions. No football, and baseball always comes first. He is going to play flag football, but I won't let him play tackle football. As much as he begs, we just won't do it! We let him take a month off from baseball. And as much as I miss watching him, I think it was a good thing. As much as he loves and excels at baseball, even he was getting burnt out. And if we want him to continue to dominate, we need to take those clues from him. He just had his first baseball practice yesterday, and I can tell he's anxious to get going with it again!

Jax had his upper GI Friday, and it was a total waste of time just like I knew it would be! I wish I was more firm in saying no, we aren't spending the money on that test when a scope will show a better view of the same thing! They look at the x ray for 30 seconds and say everything looks fine, when we know in fact it is not. Sometimes I wish doctors would remember to rely more on what the child is doing than what their "state of the art" machines show! I'm waiting for GI's call on the results and then we'll schedule surgery for the scopes.

Little Miss has been anxious to get back into our Disneyland trips, and yesterdays trip was a great way to get it started! She wore her Cinderella dress, and what two favorite princesses are right inside the gate? Well Cinderella and Ariel of course!!

Checking out Cinderella's shoes!

Oh Ariel! If only you really knew how much this little girl loves you!


The VW's said...

Great pictures! I know you are so proud of those kiddos!

Melanie L said...

I bet Arina provides as much joy to the Princesses as they give to her. Great pictures.

Anonymous said...

That first picture of Arina and Ariel is absolutely beautiful!
Melts my heart!!