Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Sorry for the lack of posts, its been utter madness around here!
If you didn't already know, we are back home in California. My mom is improving every day, and its becoming more apparent that she suffered no brain damage from the infection! This is truly a miracle! She came out of the coma and is walking, talking, and trying to eat more. We were figuring that she would need months of rehab, but I don't even think she will need to go to a rehab. I'm amazed at her recovery. I'm trying to decide if I still want to make the trip back to Utah next week to help out, since she is doing so well!

We brought the stomach virus, or as the boys call it, the "stink bug" home with us. It has been ravaging the family for the last week! Today I'm feeling queasy but functional, and its a good thing, because Jax has been vomiting all morning! Knowing how this bug knocked me on my butt, right now I'm just praying that Jax will be able to handle this at home. Last time he has a stomach bug, he aspirated and spent 9 days in the hospital trying to get that gut to tolerate food again! He lost 3 pounds that week. 3 pounds he couldn't afford to lose.

I don't have any pictures to post. The camera hasn't even been touched since Christmas, because we have been going non stop since then!
So I thought it would be a good time to post some old, fun pictures!


The VW's said...

So happy that your mom is doing so well! What a blessing! Hope Jax feels better soon, and is able to stay home! Hopefully all the crazy ends soon! Hugs!

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear your mom is improving - still praying for her!

Heather said...

You all have had more of your fair share of everything lately. I cry uncle for you.

Praying Jax can beat this thing quickly. I know Zoey was hit the hardest in our house when it made its rounds. As I told Cammie, I went ahead and ordered online rehydration solution that we now have on hand that can possibly make all the different when it comes to a hospitalization.. I think everyone should have it on hand.

So great about your mom. You family is just full of miracles!

Alison said...

What great news about your Mum!

Sorry to hear about the stink bug - sounds like norovirus - it ravaged us last winter too resulting in hospitalisation. I hope Jax can manage at home.

Emma said...

Fantastic news about your mother. God answers prayer!!

Love and blessings,
E x

Sandryte said...

So glad to hear good news! Best wishes to your darling mother from Lithuania!

And the photo with Jax - the most adorable!!