Sunday, December 9, 2012

Daddys Ukrainian princess

Ray confessed something to me the other day.
He said when he first saw Arina's picture, he didn't think she was cute, and he was worried he wouldn't like her.

He said when they first walked in to the directors office in the orphanage with her, it was instant love! He said it felt the same way it did when each of the boys was born. I felt the same way! Holding her for the first time, was just like when they handed me each of my boys. She was meant to be our daughter.

Because Ray went back to Ukraine alone to get Arina, he feels a special bond to her. Every night when Arina hears daddy's car "honk" her face lights up and she runs for the front door.
Her only word is "Pa Pa", and her first sign was daddy. I think its pretty obvious that she feels the same bond!