Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Little dancer girl!

Arina has been to two dance classes. Daddy took her last Friday because i had an appointment with Jax in LA. He kept texting me, telling me she was a maniac! That she wouldn't sit still and she was all over the place. I was a little disappointed, but when I got home and watched the videos he took, I think he over reacted a little bit. He is expecting her to be perfect already, and she's only 2!

Yes, she wandered more than the first time, I'm not sure if she just needs more time, or needs someone in there to keep her on task. But you can see from the videos that she knows what they are doing, and many times she does try to copy. I think soon she'll be listening and paying attention like a pro!!
Besides, these videos are so freaking cute!! I love when she see's daddy in the window and waves!






Krisy said...

She did great!!

The VW's said...

A-DOR-ABLE!!! Love her!!

I Just Love You said...

she did awesome!

Anonymous said...

i can't stand the cuteness!!! she's awesome!

Rochelle said...

Cuteness times a million! Love her!

Jeana said...

I LOVE the kicks in the last video. So stinking cute!

kimk said...

I was wondering if you could reach out to a mom, whose son has DS and complex chd and now has been dx with brain bleed/damage.
Their Facebook group is Hope for Gabe's Heart.
Thanks, Kim

Adam, Jaci, Grant, Grace and Amelia said...

These videos make me smile! So cute!