Friday, July 20, 2012

Beach day

Whew, how times flies by!

Tanner and Carter started school Monday because they do year round. Bleh, I hate it!
One thing that really attracted me to this city is actually turning out to be a big flaw. A lot of young families and tons of new homes, means the schools are totally overwhelmed! Their school has over 1400 kids, and their 4th grade is full, meaning Carter would have to transfer to another school until a spot opened up. I moved Tanner with him so they would stay together, but my fight for Tanner's placement is just beginning!
Tanner is in 6th grade, which luckily is still in elementary. I want to hold him back to 5th. His birthday is Aug. 20, so he barely missed the deadline anyway. I almost held him in kindergarten, but once I realized I could hold him back, his autism school had filled his spot, and he would have been stuck with no where to go, so we started him in kindergarten. As he's getting older, the gap between him and his peers is widening. Not to mention he is at least 2 feet shorter than every. single. child in his class. He's not just short, but tiny at barely 50 lbs. Socially he's even farther behind. But the school won't hold him back because its not recommended in his last IEP from Utah. I have to start him in 6th, and then have a meeting to hold him back. So he's in a 6th grade class right now, and I'm just praying that we don't have a disaster on our hands! With an autistic child, one bad experience will do him in, and it will be a fight just to get him back to school!

We try and remember that "technically" its still summer, and finally got in a trip to the beach. We need many more of these before winter, because I forgot how much we love the beach!
It was just Carter and the babies, Tanner and Mondo had other things going.
Carter tried skimboarding, but it just wasn't his thing. But oh he did indeed find something he loved!

boogie boarding! Man we couldn't get this kid out of the water! He LOVED it!

Little miss just loved running from the water.

Sometimes the water would catch her!

She found a boyfriend,

but mostly she just loved sitting on the beach. We'll have to remember to stock up on beach toys before our next trip!

Jax was Jax, just happy chilling on his blanket, pulling tubes!


The VW's said...

Cute pics! I would hate it if my kids were already back in school! :(

Jen Paris said...

Addison loves to body board too! We need to make a trip down to you guys so she and Carter can try it out together. Plus, I think the water is a little warmer in Southern CA than it is here in Northern CA. Funny that the kids don't care and jump right in, but I think it's cooold!
We MISS year round school actually. I mean, we do love the longer summer BUT we also miss those breaks during the year where we could vacation without having to pull kids out of school, and not have 9 full months of school. We liked the breaks a lot. sorry you're not loving it. :(
Oh, and holy cow Arina's hair is awesome! It's so long!
You are great keeping updated on your blog! Have a great day!