Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Moving along

Last night was really long! Sleep is always a fight in the hospital, but for some reason Jax is really off schedule. He didn't take a nap and fell asleep at 7. Then he was up at 9! He retched a few times, which has me worried as the all fat diet can be rough on the tummy. Lab came in at 4 and was unsuccessful at getting blood. They came back at 6 and still got nothing.
We start full ketocal at 10, so cross everything that he tolerates it ok, and goes into ketosis without a scary drop in blood sugar! Tomorrow we hit the OR for some airway stuff.
I'm hoping Jax takes a nap today so I can join him!
He doesn't take a nap but sleeps through a treatment that blows air into his lungs! Silly boy!


April Vernon said...

You are in my thoughts and prayers. Hope you both get some rest!