Wednesday, February 8, 2012

To say things have been crazy around here would be an understatement!

I've been going into Los Angeles a couple times a week for all of Jax appointments. Ray just left today for Utah. His mom is in the hospital, and they think she had a stroke. So he took Tanner and Arina with him. Mondo was going to go, but woke up with a fever and cough, so he stayed home. I just hope he doesn't get Jax sick. I fear the yuckiness that has been plaguing all of our friends may have finally made its way into our house!
Carter had baseball tryouts. We've been thinking for the last couple years that he is being jipped big time, because he never makes all stars, when the coaches "not so good" kids do. Well now we know for sure that its true! He rocked the tryouts! The kid hasn't even picked up a baseball in 6 months, and he had the coaches fighting over him. They want him to play in the Majors, which is 11 and 12 year olds. He is 9! I'm not so sure about it. I know he can play with that age, because he played with 11 year olds last year. I just don't want him to again miss out on all stars because he is the smallest, youngest kid on the team! We'll see how it goes!
Jax seizures are giving this momma a run for her money. I'm just relieved that his neuro appointment is tomorrow. He is having tons of seizures, which means he is not sleeping. He'll take a 3-4 our nap during the day, and is up multiple times during the night. Trazadone is no longer working to keep him asleep because of the seizures. I need something stronger! This appointment will probably bring on an admission. He needs to start the ketogenic diet ASAP. The diet has to be started in the hospital because their glucose can drop super low as their body goes into ketosis. I'm anxious to get this started, because we all know how bad it was last time this type of seizure got out of control!

Along with the craziness is the fun. The boys have been really great lately. They have their days, where they can't leave each other alone! Mondo's teenager-ness seems to be calming down. Either that or I'm just getting used to having a teenager! Every time I take Carter with me I get compliments on what a sweet boy and great helper he is. Just today in Babies R Us when he took the stroller that I was carrying and carried it for me. There was a lady on our isle that said he was such a great kid.

We took Mondo to an airplane museum, where they had an actual pilot that flew with the Red Tails in World War ii. The movie Red Tails about their life just came out a few weeks ago.
Mondo has been a military geek ever since he could walk. I have come to terms with the fact that I have a child that will be in the military. As scary as it is, it also makes me proud! He will be a lifer. He's not in it for the education, but the love of all things military. He is a history buff and World War ii is his specialty. Me and Ray want to take him to Pearl Harbor for graduation.

He was in military heaven!

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Rochelle said...

Hope tomorrow's appt brings answers and solutions to the seizures. Praying for Ray's mom and all that you guys are juggling!

Twilson9608 said...

Lacey, I pray that Jaxson will start this diet and that it stops the seizures! I have heard amazing stories about the diet and he deserves some peace, may he find his break soon! You as well!!!

April Vernon said...

I'll be praying for the doctors to help get the seizures under control quickly! Glad you all were able to mix a little fun into the mix!

Kristin said...

Nice watermark! and editing - great colors!

Scrappy quilter said...

Hope you can get the answers you need for Jax. thinking of you often. Hugs

Unknown said...

thinking about you! hope things start to get better! smiles