Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A bunch of people asked if we were ok. We are. We dont have internet besides my phone. This hotel doesnt have free WIFI, and I dont feel like paying 11 a day for it!

Jax was discharged late Monday after he fully woke up from the sedation he didnt need. Today after schoolwork we decided to meet daddy at Disneyland. I dont have Jax special needs stroller because there was limited space in the car, and so we chose to take his regular stroller because I use that on a day to day basis. I guess one of these days I need to just give up and use the wheelchair. Disney is such a hastle without it. They never think he's handicap, even after seeing the tubes. Its draining explaining my handicap son every 30 seconds. His SN stroller is so bulky and heavy, its just a pain. People think you abuse the handicap system. Trust me, its not all front of the line stuff. There are rides, like Haunted Mansion, that we wait FOREVER to get on!
My son would much rather have his health than a handicap pass, and so would we!

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The VW's said...

Did you have the red sticker to put on his stroller? We got one at City Hall at Disney in Florida. People would start to ask us to take Gavin out of his stroller, but as soon as we flashed the sticker, they passed us right on through. I can't believe they even question you guys....with all Jax's tubes, etc. I bet you love being so close to Disney now! Have fun!

Melissa said...

Sorry things have been rough. Hope the Dland trip makes things a little better. :)