Thursday, May 12, 2011

More Make a wish

Before I get to the first of our Make a Wish trip, a wonderful thing has happened for Jaxson!
About a month ago, a dear friend (who also won one) told me about an I-pad giveaway that was going on for special needs kids. You submit your childs story, and how an I-pad can help them, and they pick finalists to receive the I-pads.
We submitted our story to Marissa's bunny, her daddy was doing the giveaway, and we found out while in Florida, that all 40 finalists were going to receive the I-pad, and Jaxson was one of those!! I can't believe it, right after his therapists are talking about starting switch's, and hopeful we can communicate with him, we receive this fantastic gift. We also get 500 dollars of software for it, so we need to talk to his therapists about whats best for him!
Marissa's bunny is also raffling off an I-pad, so go check that out now.

Ok, the first day of our trip was at Disney's Hollywood Studios, where he met Buzz and Woody.
I love this picture of Mondo. When he was little, he used to carry the Disneyland maps around everywhere. He said that it was his neighborhood, and I don't know how many pics I have of him carrying those through Disneyland, so this picture made me laugh!

Jax, with his shirt, and button, was ready to take on the parks!

I had to give him a lot of free water because it was so hot. I even dropped a few drops of water in his mouth. Luckily we avoided overheating him!

We went back to GKTW in the afternoon to swim. The boys love to swim, I was excited to try Arina in the pool, and its so hot there so its perfect to take advantage of that!
Jaxson LOVES the water, and because we were at sea level, I could take him off his oxygen long enough for him to enjoy the water without being tethered to a cord.

Arina LOVED the water as well! I have tons more cute pics of her in the water I need to post. She is a true water baby!

Swimming is hard work!

We did a character dinner, which Jax slept right through!


Junior said...

congrats on the ipad, can't wait to see what Jax thinks of it. Best thing ever for Junior.
Love all the pics, looks like you all had a great time.

Zoey's mom said...

We are so blessed,are we not?

Still loving Arina in that suit... what did I get her,a 3-6 month size... little peanut!!

Not a Perfect Mom said...

that's what Brooke is like too, in the water. I swear, she tries to jump out of my arms

Corinne Judy Smith said...

Is Mondo taller than you? Love the pictures! So glad you guys had a great time!

Scrappy quilter said...

Awe the pictures are just priceless. It looks like everyone had a whole lot of fun. And congrats on the win of the i-pad..that's awesome!! Hugs

G-Zell said...

VERY cute pics. Cool I pad..... pretty neat.

suelmayer said...

You are going to love the Ipad as much as I loved seeing all these pictures!!

Melissa said...

Yay for the iPad! That is such a blessing for Jax!

I love the picture of Arina crashed out in the stoller after swimming.

Michelle said...

Enjoyed looking through your pics from the Make A Wish trip ... looks like you guys had a great time!