Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tanner turns 8

First an update on Boston. Our doc talked to them and they are going to call me to schedule an appointment. If they don't call in two weeks then we call them. I have a lot of concerns, but I'm not going to worry about them until I talk to one of them in person. We have to make sure we can do everything while we are there. So like if we make a clinic appointment but their surgery schedule is booked, that won't help us. We have to fit it all in on visit out there, its not going to be cheap to get there.

I'm going to split the Disneyland pics into two posts. One reason is we have 3 days of Disneyland pics. The other is it was Tanners birthday on our first day there so I'm going to do his birthday post.
Tanner, I was so excited when I had you. I got a blond haired, blue eyed baby. I never thought I would get that with my brown hair in the family. You were always such a good baby, gave great smiles, so we didn't expect the diagnosis we got when you were two.

It started with no words, so we had your hearing tested to make sure you weren't deaf. Your hearing was fine, so a speech therapist was sent to work with you. Since the autism craze was just getting started, I didn't know too much about it. Our speech therapist was the one who pointed out things. His repetitive play, he would line hot wheels up on the couch and do it over and over again. You were fascinated by your cars, would hold it in front of your face and spin the wheels for hours. You never played with other children, and although you smiled for us, you didn't like other people. No one else was allowed to hold you. when we got the diagnosis, looking back things added up. The reason why you were such a good baby. Would sit in your swing for hours.

We hit it head on, got you in for at least one preschool year at an autism school. You went in there with no speech, and came out talking our ears off. It was an amazing transformation. And although you will always be behind. Be scared of loud noises and weather. Still play by yourself, you have a great personality and are my little actor.

I loved that your birthday could be at Disneyland. It worked perfectly. Opening up a couple of presents before we left Aunt Doreens.
Your special birthday pass to Disneyland.

Opening more presents at the hotel.
I'm amazed at how my little blond, blue eyed baby is turning into such a gorgeous kid. Another heartbreaker. We love you T and Happy Birthday!!

Also on our first day at Disneyland. We were letting the kids get cooled off by some misters, when my little social butterfly, my future class president, attracted some new friends. It amazes me that not only is he good with people, but people just walk up to him and are instantly friends. And most of his friends are girls. This kid is 6 people. And I don't think he understands what he is saying but he will come home from school and say, "geez, everyone in my class wants to sit by me, how do I sit by everybody?"
These pics are the cutest thing ever. I can't wait to show him when he gets older. Look how cute these girls are!!

Don't you love it?


Michelle said...

Your boys are just wonderful...ALL of them...all unique, all special, all precious. I am sure they each make you so proud! Greatparents, great kids! So glad to know and love you all! Happy Birthday sweet Tanner. Hope it was so special. Love the photos...priceless! so glad we are moving forward with Boston. Like I said before, you say the word and we'll (all your blog friends) make Boston matter what! :)

Anderson Family said...

Happy Birthday Tanner! I wish I was going to Disneyland for my birthday.....Thanks for sharing his story - he is amazing! I love the blond hair too.

And too funny about Carter - I think you are right - he is going to be a class president someday! Love the pictures.

Kristin said...

I am sooooo jealous that Tanner got to spend his birthday at Disneyland. That is way too cool!

Heather said...

Having gotten to spend some good quality time with your boys makes reading this post all the more special to me.Tanner,you are an amazing boy.Kind and sweet and so bright.We loved having you here and can't wait to have you back.Love the picture of Carter and that is so him and again,now that I know him makes it all the more clearer ... forget about class president i say President of the United States!Boston will work itself out.We will all make it work,just as Michelle said.Jax will get where he needs to get.Your friends that love you all will make sure of it.

Kristin said...

...and yeah, do we need to have a blogger's car wash or something - a little "Boston" fund raiser!

Conrad, Megan and Our Precious Keaton said...

Happy Birthday Tanner! Your mommies love for you really shines through in her blog entry! You are so darn handsome! We hope you had an awesome day!
We hope Boston calls soon and that all the logistics work out!
Oh Carter you are so cute - your mommy will have to keep an eye on the girls in the future - he he he!
God bless and much love!

Junior said...

Happy Birthday Tanner, so special that you could spend it at Disney.

Your boys are all so cute and you can see their personalities shining through in all the pics.

Denise said...

What a wonderful tribute to Tanner. He was a beautiful baby and is one handsome kid now!!! I am still waiting for the pics of Ray in his "sexy" vest!!!

stephanie said...

Happy Birthday Tannner, enjoy being EIGHT years old.

your mama is right, you are one handsome kid!

Maureen said...

Hey Lacey! email me at will ya for my cell phone when you make it into Boston. I will probably be laid off by then so I will be able to head up anytime! Also, Nathainel got the hook up because a friend of a friend makes money as a stay at home mom scheduling surveys in the area. LEGO has a factory (not open to the public as I understand it) in Enfield CT. So I don't know if that plays a role, but they were having a focus group last night and I signed him up.


ABandCsMom said...

Happy Birthday Tanner. What a great place to celebrate a birthday. You're so lucky!

Hope you hear from Boston soon. Keep us posted.

CFMama said...

Looks like Tanner had an amazing 8th birthday. Happy Birthday Tanner! What a cutie.

And I will continue praying for the Boston situation, keep me (us all) posted.

Kele said...

WOW! What a gorgeous kiddo!!!
Happy belated Birthday Tanner... you are one lucky kid to have celebrated at Disneyland!!

Emily said...

Lucky to spend your birthday at Disneyland! Hope Tanner's day was fabulous!
So glad Boston is coming along! Cute, cute pictures!

Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Birthday Tanner!

jjpsmommy07 said...

Happy Birthday Tanner!

Ruby's Mom said...

Wow!All your boys are so handsome!Happy Birthday to Tanner:)

Tina said...

Hi, I stumbled across your blog on my friend Jen's, and I wanted to share that I have been there with the Autism thing. My 6 1/2 yr old was dx just after he turned 2, and he too was obsessed by wheels and would line things up. He didn't start talking until after he turned 5, and now he won't stop :o)