Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Pray for Ukraine!

Ukraine is in a battle for freedom right now! And no, it's not neo nazi activists! That's the most annoying comment I hear from people who just assume!

The people of Ukraine have been peacefully protesting their president and his decisions for two months now. They want to be free! They want to be out from under Russia's big bully umbrella! Then their government started attacking them! Making up new laws like you can't have a tent in public, and other outrageous reasons to arrest and beat innocent people!  
They don't want our money, or our troops. They want us to help spread the word, and for the US to say they don't agree with what their president is doing, and urge him to step down. 
This is stuff that we could very well be facing in our own future. Scary as it seems.
 My husband and I still have friends in Ukraine that we talk to daily.  We have a friend here that is from Ukraine. Her brother and family are still there. She fears for his safety as he wants to help his people gain their freedom! 
I look at my baby girl, know that these are her relatives, and this is her home country. Luckily she has no idea what's going on, and we just hope for safety of the people, and for their president to step down and allow elections, which is what the people want! 
Please watch this video, it's 3 minute of your life. It tells the story of what is happening. It brings me to tears. Seeing places I've walked, people I've talked to! 

Just pray for Ukraine, and email the government to make a statement! How sad that our news is all about Justin beiber and his stupid mistakes! We are truly a messed up media!