Monday, March 25, 2013

A new set of wheels for Jax

Good morning all! Even though things have been slow in the blog world, I come to you to beg for your help!
There is a contest going on, the prize is 3 handicap accessible vehicles are being given away! The last couple of months we have begun researching how best to get a van. As much as I try to delay it, try to keep Jax as little as possible, its time! He is getting too long to sit rear facing, but he only weighs 25 lbs and definitely doesn't have the neck or truck control to sit forward facing. Not to mention his wheelchair does not fit comfortably in our van. Since Jax will be wheelchair bound for life, now is the time to start looking on how to best go about getting one.
The other day a friend emailed me about this contest. Unfortunately we are behind. The voting started March 11, and we just got our profile up the other day. So of course there are many people with a lot of votes, and of course the bad thing about voting is its a popularity contest, not a needs based contest. But even with all of the odds against us, we are going to try and win one of these vans!

Please click on this link, you can vote once a day, every day until May 10. If you answer a question you can get two votes! Please please, for our warrior, go vote for him to get a handicap van!


Lindsay Marie said...

I still vote for Jaxson as often as I can remember! I would continue sharing the link with people. I had a friend enter the same contest last year and she had an extremely high number of votes but she didn't win. She did make it into the semi-finals however.