Sunday, September 23, 2012

A piece of history

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I'm really big on making sure every opportunity that comes our way that is history in the making, or something that will never happen again, the boys see it. So when I heard the space shuttle Endeavour was going to be flying over landmarks just minutes from our house, I knew we had to be there!
When we were in Florida on Jax Make a Wish, we got free tickets to the Kennedy space center. Trying to find the time to fit everything in was impossible! But we knew that we may only visit Florida once, and Mondo's obsession with all things space, military, and history, he REALLY wanted to go. So on the day we flew home, we hurried out there. Endeavour was actually on the launch pad at the time. If you remember on its very last mission it was delayed a few weeks, and sat on the launch pad that entire time. Well we just happened to be there during those few weeks. 
Here's the kicker, the tour that takes you to the launch pad was two hours long. We didn't have two hours or we'd miss our flight. (We almost did anyway) Looking back now I think we should have missed the flight, because now we missed seeing the shuttle, and that's something we can never take back!

Disneyland was one of the landmarks that the shuttle was flying over. We never need an excuse to go there! Mondo wore his Endeavour shirt from the Kennedy Space center.

And we waited, and waited, and waited. It was about an hour past the time it was originally scheduled to come, but man it was an amazing sight!!
The only bad part was it flew directly overhead, so seeing the shuttle was a bit hard. If we'd stayed on Paradise Pier I think we may have gotten a better view than between the parks, but oh well.
We let Mondo take the pictures. He is taking a photography class in school, so Ray actually let someone else touch his camera!
Endeavors last flight! (Notice the fighter jets on the sides)

So amazing, and I'm so glad we took the boys to experience it!


Junior said...

wow, how awesome.

Jen Paris said...

He did a great job on the pics! So, I totally thought of you and know you will like this story, but Addison just happened to be at recess on Friday and I kid you not, the shuttle flew DIRECTLY over their school! It wasn't scheduled to go over here by us, and unfortunately the school didn't know either, but all of the 4th and 5th graders were outside right at that time and got to see it! She said it was so awesome! I am so happy for her (and that even though I'm not as good of a mom as you to take my kids to see it, that she got to anyway!) ;) So, so cool!

The VW's said...

Very cool!