Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Looks like my little blankie fundraiser was a flop! Oh well, I'll keep on making my blankies because there is nothing better than a smile on a childs face when all they know is constant pain!

We are finding that Disneyland has more than just a few special DS friends. We met Jay a while ago, and last weekend we met Jeremiah. Both have been coming to Disney for years and are well known by the staff. Disney seems to have a special place in their hearts for our children. Jax and Arina are already starting to be recognized by the staff. Arina is especially in love with the parade. She loves the few minutes before the parade starts when she's allowed freedom from the stroller to run around while everyone else is behind a rope!

Chasing brother makes the time go faster.

Here they come, here they come, her favorite drummer boys!

Princess Tiana found her Arina,

Along with her favorite princess of all, Ariel!!

Every character gets a hug.

Maybe one day we can just let Arina walk in the parade with them!


Anonymous said...

You know what - ask them if she can walk or ride in the parade. Worst they can say is no!

Cute pics, thank you for sharing them

The VW's said...

So Cute!!!

Alaina and Kyle said...

Love it! I can't wait to bring Beau some day.

Melissa said...

I love the parade and all the hugs! There is no way Claire would go near a big monkey like that!