Friday, May 25, 2012

Swing update #3

The great swing debate continues!

We found the park that we were told has the handicap swing. It is a mere 2 blocks from out house. Its the same park that has the water feature that our princess had such fun at!

But as I got closer to the swing, I realized it is not a handicap swing after all. There are no handicap signs around it, like a handicap swing would have. Actually, I'm not sure what it is. Its ginormous, it looks like its more for adults.

And the more I tried getting Jax in there,

The more I realized this swing is quite worthless!

Its very narrow at the bottom, and it sits up way to high. There is no way Jax can swing in it by himself. He would fall out the sides.
I wish so much that it would be easier for him to be able to enjoy swinging like his baby sister does.

But we know after 6 years, that everything with Jax takes just a little more work.
The good news, Jax can still swing on this swing, he just has to sit on mommies lap!

I can't hold him on a normal swing because I don't have 4 hands to hold him and hold on. I always fear I'm going to fall backwards. This way, I can sit back and hold him, and we can swing away!
A friend showed me this swing, that she has for her son. Its only 73 dollars, not too bad for special needs equipment! I don't have a swingset to hook it to, but I think I could hook it to my deck. I may just get this swing, so Jax can swing away anytime he wants to, right at home!


Kristin said...

That swing is ridiculous. Why are there no sides on it??? So not useful. Even Max would fall right out of it, and he sits fine.

Becca said...

That's the kind of swing I see at playgrounds from time to time. I guess it's more targeted towards 12 year olds or something... Love that the two of you could still swing together, though! And that would be awesome if you could figure out a way to rig the one you want to your deck. :-)

Chromosomally Enhanced said...

Wow what a swing! Looks like it all was good fun! Yeah for spray parks! Smiles

Pam Bergman said...

I am a preschool sp.ed. teacher and we have almost the same exact swing...labeled our "handicap accessable" swing :) we think it's ridiculous as well. We have had success though with a very wide band of thick material with extra strength velcro at the end to secure it. We can wrap this around the child's chest and all the way around the back of the swing. This provides enough support to hold the child up. Of course, you still have to have one hand on the child to make sure everything stays put (but the extra strength velcro is amazing- and has never come apart for us) and you can basically only swing the child a bit, but at least you don't have to worry about the child sliding through the side of it!

Ariana said...

I found the site for the swing:

Perhaps you could contact the company and ask how in the heck a child Jax's size is supposed to fit!?

Melissa said...

That swing looks like a roller coaster seat. I'm glad you were sort of able to use the swing, but there should be something better available in your town.