Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Squeeze'in it in!

Today is World Down syndrome day. I haven't had 30 seconds to even think about it!

March is also daddy's year end, so he works day in and day out.
My parents are here, and my sister from Oklahoma, along with my beautiful nieces!

But the real kicker is baseball. Added with Jaxson's cares, doctors appointments, and trying to get him ready for this admission, baseball has consumed our lives!

Notice in his banner that he is nearly a head shorter than every other kid. That is because he is 9 playing with 11 and 12 year olds. He was a first round pick into the majors. Wow!
If he's not at practice or games for his little league team, he has classes at X Factor baseball academy. He joined X Factory last week, because this kid eats and sleeps baseball! And since he plans on playing in college, and someday the majors, this extra time with ex major league players is really great! He is a coaches dream because he listens and learns. They all love him because he is by far the tiniest kid there, but he plays with the heart of the high school kids!
This kid literally plays baseball seven days a week!

So with the 5 minutes I have now, let me just say....
Happy World Down syndrome Day from our warrior and his princess!!


Rochelle said...

HAPPY WDSD to you all!

Adam, Jaci, Grant, Grace and Amelia said...

what a crazy life you live! Crazy but very fulfilling! I love the pix of Arina and Jax...too precious!

Jeana said...

Happy WDsD! That is so exciting about his baseball, I'm sure living in Cali will help with his career!!

Becca said...

Arina and Jax are soooo sweet together - I love the love that's so obvious between them. So cool about the baseball!! Sammi starts Challenger baseball next week. I can't wait!

Happy WDSD!

JC said...

Happy WDSD!

The VW's said...

Love the pics of Jax and Arina together! Looks like she loves him so!

Way to go Carter! He must be a really great player!

Happy WDSD to you too! : )

Jessica said...

What, you blog? Oh my, I've missed this know the place where we first met. our escape in the blogging world. Well, now I'm all caught up on the Rugg family. I hope ray had wonderful birthday. Miss you all so much!!!