Friday, October 9, 2009

My kids names

Ok Maureen, here ya go, this is how our kids got their names.

Raymond Thomas. Thats an easy one. He was our first boy so he got daddy's name. He is a fourth generation Raymond so when we found out he was a boy, I didn't even fight that it would be Raymond. Thomas came from Thomas trains for me, Tommy Lasorta for daddy. We were trying to find a good middle name and Thomas just sounded good with Raymond. Mondo is a nickname that came from daddy because when he was younger he had a family that called him Mondo, which means big. It was an oxymoron because he was so little.

Tanner Christopher. This is a good one. I have always loved the name Tanner from a hot guy that was on Days of our Lives for a while. I was madly in love with him in high school. Christopher is my brothers name and again just sounded cute with Tanner.

Carter Dee. This is a hilarious story. Carter was a surprise. I found out I was pregnant with him when Tanner was only 8 months old. I freaked out. And then when I found out he was another boy, my pregnancy hormones really went crazy and I wanted nothing to do with him. I didn't care what his name was or anything. I did not want another boy. Period. So daddy came up with a couple of names and he got Carter from his friends dog. (Nice huh?) He asked Mondo which one he liked and he chose Carter. Dee is my fathers middle name.

Jaxson William. I liked Jaxson when I was pregnant with Carter and really wanted it for Carter. But with my veto of another boy fiasco I didn't say anything. So when I found out yet again it was a boy, I immediatly said Jaxson. The spelling took a while to figure out. Daddy liked Jaxon, but I thought looked like it was pronounced jax-on (if you understand what I'm writing) so I had a patient in the hospital that was Jaxston, so I added the s and really liked it. I'm actually surprised at how many compliments that I get with the spelling of his name. People love it. William was Ray's grandfathers middle name.

I'm going to include mine because its a good story. My mom wanted to name me Leslie and my dad wanted to name me Stacey so they put them together and got Lacey. Clever huh?

Ok, I'm tagging some people to do the name game. You have to post how you got your kids names, and then tag more people
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Emily said...

Very interesting! Hahaha that I was tagged. We have ZERO reasoning behind our kids names! Especially our first. She was born in April... so there you go! We could have continued with baby girl #2 being born in June... but we thought that would be silly! Honestly... None of them have any special meaning, no family names... just thought they were darn cute!
April Breann (pronounced Bree-Anne)
Taylee Rae (pronounced Ray)
Brynn Alexa
Justin Tyler - Oh... I lied. Justins middle name comes from his cool Dad! There ya have it!

Sasha said...

So cute. Love all of their names.

Kim Rees said...

Love the stories and I really love the one about your name Lacey! LOL! Too funny! I see I was tagged so I will get on that as my post for tomorrow because my girls names were very carefully planned out. Thanks! :-)

Kim said...

That was pretty neat! It's always interesting learning how people get their names. I will be posting mine within the next week. Thanks for the tag!

Rioux Family said...

I didn't know that's how you got your name! How did I get my name? lol....your the oldest you should know that stuff right? =)

Stephanie said...

I love hearing how people come up with names....I agreed to Christopher Michael (a jr.) because I was ABSOLUTELY sure I was carrying a Madeline Ruby!!!!! LOL!

I was supposed to be Daphne or Greg - I always tease my parents that they watch too much T.V. and could only choose between Scooby-Doo or the Brady Bunch. ;) Thank God they came up with Mom is a "theme" woman, so my sister had to rhyme. Her name is Tiphanie (Tiffany) and of course nobody ever spells it correctly.

I am shooting you an e-mail tomorrow!


Steph and Christopher

Kristin said...

My parents 'made up' my name too. I seriously can't believe they hadn't ever heard of 'Kristin' before, but they claim it was a cross between Kierstin and Christine.

Junior said...

Neat, I loved hearing how you came up with your boys names.

Dawn said...

Love this post.
I really wanna name the new back Jaxson if it's a boy but Joe likes the name we picked to start with. actually I wanted William Jakson and call him Jaks but looks like if its a boy it'll be William Zackary

Maureen said...

Thanks for playing along. I guess I had no idea Mondo was a nickname. lol!! But it can also be short for Raymondo I guess, which is where I thought you were going with that when I saw his name was truley Raymond. he he he

The VW's said...

I love the names of your boys! I think that it is so difficult to name your children, afterall, they are going to be called that the rest of their lives! My husband and I actually had an easier time naming our boys with each son that we had. We just liked the first names and their middle names were all taken from other family names (my husband, my dad, grandpa, etc.) I'm so sad that I haven't been able to use my girl names yet though!

Anderson Family said...

I love your story of names - that is fun to read. I do have to say I love the name Carter (for obvious reasons) so I think Ray did awesome on that one (even if he is named after a dog). I think naming kids is hard - we had pretty much picked out Parker and Ashleigh but Carter was difficult for us.