Tuesday, September 10, 2013

San Fran baby!

We've been playing in San Francisco since Saturday! We've never been here and we think we found our new favorite place! It's so beautiful, and so much we didn't get to do, we'll definitely be back!

The things we did get to do was Alcatraz,  the Golden Gate Bridge, pier 39, chinatown, and the jelly belly factory! Not to mention meet two friends, including junior, whom we've known online for 5 years, but never met in person! We also just drove around and down Lombard street. 
Trips with Jax are always a challenge. We got a phone call that his glucose Friday was 22! So of course we got a frantic phone call from the ped, who was upset that it took the lab that long to call us! So we had to run out and buy a glucose meter! He also been needing zofran for major retching, and low sats with lots of junk. He just likes to make trips interesting! 
I mean, what would we do without an ER visit while out of town?!
But he's hanging in there, and we go home tomorrow, so we avoided an ER this time!
Because we are still gone, the pic are all from my phone. The good pics will come when they are downloaded!


Becca said...

So cool that you guys got to meet, and I'm so glad Jax avoided the ER on this trip. I hold my breath when you guys travel... I think I'd be out of control in the Jelly Belly factory - how much $$ did they suck out of you, and how AWESOME was it?

Chromosomally Enhanced said...

Looks like a great trip! Love San Francisco! Smiles