Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tip Tuesday

Welcome to Tip Tuesday!
This first tip is a Disneyland tip. Now you know I have to throw one of those in!
If you think you can't afford to go to Disneyland, you are wrong! You can really find great deals everywhere.
Getawaytoday.com is my favorite place to book hotels, and even tickets if you need them. If you only need tickets, Disneyland.com always has deals on tickets. Every year they do something different. Children free with every adult, or adults play for the kids price. You just have to go to disneyland.com. getawaytoday.com also will include the deals Disney is doing for tickets.
The hidden hotel that no one knows about is the Hilton Suites. This is a two room suite, and it is dirt cheap! Denise paid 109.00 a night, remember this is an all suite hotel, tons of room! It has a bedroom with two double beds, then a front room with a couch that pulls out into a bed. It has a table that seats four people as well, and a second sink with fridge and microwave. If you go to getawaytoday.com and book it, you'll pay about 112.00 a night, and that includes a full free breakfast! We had breakfast for free every morning before we went to the park. I'm talking omlets, pancakes, bacon, everything! Also for the next year, the hilton suites does 3rd night free if you book on getawaytoday.com. I'm telling you, you need to check out this website!

Tip two is from Joan. Her daughter is in the hospital right now, so we couldn't get any pictures, but this is a great tip for wheelchair kido's!
She bought a kids snuggie. You know, those annoying commercial snuggies! She puts that over her in her wheelchair to get on the bus on cold mornings! You put their arms through and wrap it around the back. We just happen to have a kids snuggie at our house, so I used Carter as my model to show just how to do it!
Sorry for the horrible quality, and messy house!

If you have any great tips for Tip Tuesday, email me at laceyrugg@hotmail.com


Anonymous said...

Your house is not a mess! You keep saying that and when I come over, its just "living with Kids." Not a mess. No worries!


ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Good tips! :) We use a kids snuggie for Emily too, in her wheelchair, although it's waaaaay too big for her. They need to make toddler sized ones.

Shari said...

Great tips! Lacey, I really like this when you post the tips. So cool.

Anonymous said...

Great ideas! Thanks. - Maureen